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Amy Winehouse

Today’s celebrities tend not to hone in on and stick with one particular look. When there are so many choices available, they prefer to chop and change it up according to mood or trend. Talented British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse was an exception, however, and she had such strong personal style that, next to her distinctive voice, it became her signature. Hanging around Camden in London, an area famous as a magnet for youth culture, Winehouse’s identity was a cultural mash-up. Like many of the other icons in this secret, the singer was inspired by what had come before her, and there are clear visual references to diverse cultural touchstones such as Cleopatra, Betty Grable, Vargas vixens, and 1960s girl groups like the Ronettes in her pinup-style clothing, infamous beehive hair, and exaggerated makeup.

Winehouse’s US makeup artist, Valli O’Reilly, revealed that she designed her own look.

She said: She pretty much had it down with the eyeliner and everything. It was second nature to her.‚ Though her style was strong, it was actually quite simple. O’Reilly said they’d often have just fifteen minutes to pull it all together. For her retro red lips, she used a creamy Rimmel lip pencil and a lipstick by Uni in China an intense, retro, matte blue-red that married perfectly with her vintage-inspired look. The thick slashes of flicked eyeliner that were Wine-house’s signature were always on there she was rarely, if ever, seen without them She liked to use a Rimmel liquid eyeliner with felt-tip applicator, and sometimes she’d use it to draw on a beauty mark, too. Winehouse didn’t really need false eyelashes, since her natural ones were thick and long, but her eyebrows were a little bit sparse, so O’Reilly used to fill them in with brow powder to create a more defined, retro shape.

Winehouse died tragically young at the age of twenty-seven, but her influence continues to be felt in popular culture, both among her fans and other celebrities. Lady Gaga created an Instagram homage to her look, and Jean Paul Gaultier paid his respects with a Winehouse-inspired fashion collection in 2012. The era of the quest for flawless perfection is upon us with the global makeup industry growing at an unprecedented rate, making cosmetics one of the most successful industries of the modern age.

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