10 Best Makeup Trends Guys Love


The inventor of stick greasepaint a hugely important development in the history of makeup, and the standard makeup used in theater in the late nineteenth century Ludwig Leichner was a Wagnerian opera singer and a student of chemistry who set up a commercial makeup business in Berlin in 1873. As a pharmacy student, Ludwig would have known how to mix grease and wax to make hair dressings, or pomade, and it is possible that the greasepaint he developed used a similar formula. However it was made, his greasepaint had excellent coverage and intensity of color and did not run together through perspiration. It came in a range of colors that were numbered for easy reference (number 1 being the lightest, number 4 reportedly being a dark ruddy color suitable for soldiers, sailors, countrymen, etc.,‚ and number 3 for anyone playing chambermaid parts‚)23 and two sizes of sticks, long and thick and shorter and thinner (used for more subtle work).

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