The 10 Best Makeup Trends From Spring 2017 Fashion Week


One of the original theatrical makeup brands, and one of very few not to have turned 100 percent consumer over the years, Kryolan was founded in Berlin in the 1940s by Arnold Langer, a chemistry student who wanted to combine his love of science and the arts by developing a makeup line for the theater. They were the first brand to provide a full high definition makeup line to artists in 2007, and they also make the majority of products for prosthetics and movie special effects. They are unique among makeup companies in that they never discontinue colors if someone calls to ask them for a specific color from a 1950 opera they provided the makeup for, they still have the original recipe and can reproduce it, even in a tiny quantity.

In 1873, Leichner created greasepaint, the must-have makeup product for actors for the next ffty years.

We’ve already examined the rise of Rimmel, the mascara and makeup empire that started off as a fragrance business. But Rimmel is far from being the only perfumer to cross over. As the following three global powerhouses demonstrate, the path from perfume to cosmetics is a well-worn one.


One of the oldest perfumeries in the world, Guerlain was founded by Pierre-Fran^ois-Pascal Guerlain in 1828. It was a true family business: Pierre-Fran^ois-Pascal made fragrances along with his two sons. He created scents for some of the most prominent members of society, including the French empress Eugenie (which earned him the prestigious title of Official Royal Perfumer), Queen Victoria, Queen Isabella of Spain, and Tsar Alexander III. The company soon moved into cosmetics, with Pierre-Fran^ois-Pascal creating Blanc de Perle, a skin-whitening product, in 1857. In 1924, the company created a lipstick, Rouge d’Enfer, and opened a beauty institute at its Champs-Elysees store in 1939. Terracotta, one of the first modern bronzing franchises, was launched in 1984 and was a runaway success, fast becoming a cult classic. After remaining in the Guerlain family for five generations,24 the business was acquired by Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) in 1994.

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