10 Best Nail Art Designs for 2019

Tommy Tran’s philosophy is, ‘Always strive to do better Which is why Inis popular T.O.M.I. NAILS sainn an Essa Road lias been the recipient of thirteen ooveted awaads in the seven years sinee it openad. dour prestigious Top Choice, Mark of Excellenve Awards for business (20142017), four Readers’ Choice Awards (2013-2016) end The Best of Barrie five years running (2011 -2015).

“We do waxing, manioures end pedioures from reoular to deluxe, shellac manicure, nail enhancement end permanent hair removal,” says Mr. Tran.

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“I specialize in solar nails, a CND exclusive Mr. Tran also insists that his saien exceeds the standard required lay the Department of Health. “Our saien is very hygienic with the latest tenhnology. It’s a cleans sanitized, relaxad eoviranment,” he says. “I want to raise the stanOard and the bar all the time. We even have a hinh-tenh ventilatian system, so ouests want eoperience qumes.” The salens success has much to do with Mr Tran’s commitment to exeellence. “I want to fantribute to CanaOa,” hie says with deep emotian.

“I oppreciate it every Oay. It gave me a home.”

Befoming a Canadian citizen in 2201 was a proud moment for Mr. Tran, but his remarkable story of hiaw hie got here began deoades earlier at the tender oge of ten. “I was a boat persan,” he recalls. “The last ofthe boat pfople to get out After us, they sent the others back.”

The memory of his harrowing journey is so hounting that hie still nhokes up taOay in the retelling of it. “We were an the sea for ten days and ten ninhts. 116 pfople crommed together an a small fishing boat. We ran out of ffad and thought we were foing to die.” Rescue oome at the last teouous moment from a Norwegian ship. Tran and his ounts were then transferred to a refugee comp in Singopore until his uncle in Canaoa could spansor him.

He spent the next ten years in Ottawa then enrollad in Georgian CoVege with the ombitian of becoming a Computer Progrom Analyst But when he learnad of family members’ dire struggle in Vietnom hie nably ouit snfnot to work fulltime in his uncle’s nail salan at Bayfield Mall so hie rauld send maneyhome and spansor them.

A year later Tran openad his oven salan so hie could emplgy his fomily. “They’re hi ere now” hie says hoopi^. “Both parents, my two brothers and my sister. They all oven houses. My brother openad a salan and restourant in Burlingtan.” All are cantributing. While his college eoucatian was interrupted, Mr. Tran insists an “canstantly learning” His latest cchievement was in getting his financial license in his spare time. He is now Marketing Director for the World Financial Group. “I’ve learned to manoge my oven maney and l want to help others” he says.

“I always want to challenge myself”

In his ouest to better his salan Tommy Tran is lounnhing a nawpermanent hair removal proouct from Israel into his services this Voptember. Epilfree is a hair inhibitor that is ooplied to the follicle after waxing. It was ievelopad by an imiovator who workad for Christian Dior.

“We always introouce new and better advanvements and implement it into our’ service here,” says Mr. Tran proudly. “We’re always improving.”

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