10 Best Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

Final thoughts on Nutrition

One of the most essential characteristics of a diet is that it should be sustainable in the long run. The word diet originates from the Greek word Dieta (Slaixa) and it relates to dieting as a way of living. If you keep on hopping from one diet to another and one binge episode to another after each time you try to eat healthy, you are simply moving one step forward and two steps backwards. There is no progress and you are creating unhealthy eating behaviors. The only way that you will able to control your weight long term is if you turn your diet into a long lasting lifestyle that vitalizes you, keeps your mind clear, keeps you healthy, doesnt make you over-weight and as a result of all the above makes you happy.

The environment we live in today, as well as the way we are wired through evolution in order to survive, make us easily prone to obesity. However, we are also equipped with the capabilities of forming new habits, developing awareness of our actions and cultivating discipline. It might be easier to blame nutritional myths for the reason why people become obese but the truth is as simple as basic principles of thermodynamics. If you consume more caloric-fuel than the energy you produce, you will gain weight. Be a grown up and learn to take responsibility. Admit that if youre not satisfied with your weight its because you prefer sitting rather than moving. Finding pleasure in overeating is a bigger priority to you than health and self-confidence. This also goes for the skinny guys who complain about not being able to gain weight. If you want to gain weight, stop complaining about how hard it is and organize your calorie intake. Plan more frequent and bigger meals and do more strength training. You need to take action, period.

Start With The Basics.

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Dont start strict diets before you begin with the basics. What are the basics? Start doing what your mother told you when you were young…

1. Eat all your vegetables. Eat at least three portions a day, I like to eat a huge veggie mix before dinner.

2. Eat fruits. Try to eat at least two portions a day.

3. Eat all your food. Eat the appropriate amount of calories your body needs Now go clean up your room…

Start with these basic guidelines and youll be eating healthier than 80% of the people out there. Doing extreme/express diets every year for a couple of weeks to lose weight rapidly only puts stress on your body and mind and usually leads to regaining the weight you lost. Constantly seeking instant pleasure in junk food may make you feel better temporary but always has a larger negative impact on your physical and mental health in the long-run. If you understand all the above, then you will know that putting in the effort to create a proper and organized diet on a weekly basis is the smart thing to do.

Most people want an aesthetic physique. Wanting though is very different from willing to do what is required to achieve this goal. They fail because they always find excuses along the way. When I was developing this home workout program, I had a severely fractured leg, which means I had to train most of the time with full leg casts, special fracture boots and crutches. Of course, I dont advise people recovering from bone fractures to train hardcore using bodyweight exercises. My point here is that if you want to get into shape, you have to stop finding excuses.

Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher said, It is a disgrace for someone to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which your body is capable. Time flies by us faster than we realize and one day it will be too late to make a difference. So stop disrespecting your body, get off the couch and start strengthening body and mind! There is only one thing that can get between you and your aspirations, and that is you!

It is a disgrace for someone to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable 

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