The 10 Biggest Makeup Trends of Summer 2017

TAKE CHARGE Attention, ladies who want to land an after-school job, get into their dream college, or simply grow up a little: It’s time to experiment with a sophisticated spritz. For total bo$$ status, try something woody (like sandalwood) or earthy (like vetiver, an Indian grass).

Touch of Class A dropper applicator lets you apply this directly on pulse points (like the wrist or neck) and control how intense you want the smell to be.

FEEL MORE POSITIVE Get out of a rut‚ at school, in a relationship, or anywhere else‚  and have the Best Year Ever by wearing a fruity perfume that makes you smile. Look out for notes of orange‚ they’ll instantly cheer you up, says Ivanica.

Perk Up Take a whi of this uplifting blend of blood orange and iris to jump-start your morning.

STAY FOCUSED Own school this semester by spraying on a refreshing fragrance while you’re studying. Zesty notes like grapefruit and lemon will help with concentration, says Ivanica. Hello, honor roll!

Study Buddy This classic scent smells like a Mediterranean vacay‚ it’ll make finishing your homework a little more enjoyable.

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