10 Diet Or Exercise For Weight Loss

Proper Technique:

1. Place your hands approximately 1 foot away from the wall (this may vary a bit depending on your height), have your hands a bit wider than shoulder width, your fingers spread and parallel to each other. Position your feet just as a 100 meter sprinter would in a starting position, one leg close to your body and one a bit more far away. Usually placing your kicking/strong leg closer to your body is more comfortable.

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2. Kick up with the leg closer to your body into a handstand. Remember to maintain your fingers spread out and once you touch the wall keep your back slightly arched and slowly bend your knees (approximately 90 degrees). Either lean on the wall with the upper half of your foots sole or with just the toes, whatever feels more comfortable.

3. Engage your core muscles, carefully lower yourself down and press yourself up.

Remember this is a very difficult exercise; personally it took me 5 months of consistent training to conquer 5 good form reps.


This exercise also puts a great deal of pressure on your shoulders, so dont try this if you have shoulder issues. Also, because it requires your legs to be elevated and causes blood to rush to your head, I would not recommend it to people with high blood pressure, or those who get dizzy easily.

#7 Leg Raises (Lower and Side Abs)

This is an exercise done by a lot of people in gyms, but most of them start with progressed versions of it, activating the wrong muscles and missing out on all the benefits their abs and core can get out of it. Everyone should start from the following two steps and only allow themselves move on the next progression if they can perform them with perfect form.

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