10+ Easy Halloween Make-Up Looks You Can Do With Only The Products In Your Beauty Bag

Different Types Of Girls On Halloween!

Hey guys! It’s Rachel and I decided it’d be a fun idea to do different types of girls on Halloween. So this post is just going to be the different types of girls. But, if you want to see different types of guys on Halloween, then let’s see if we can get this post to 400,000 likes. Also, I am currently having a giveaway where I give away an iPhone 6S or MacBook Air. And the only rule is that you must be commented. That is the only rule. And the giveaway ends on October 25. Comment down below, which one of these different types of girls on Halloween you recognize. OK, let’s get on with the post.

Here we have the girl that came to the party with a group of her friends and they all had matching costumes. But then all her friends left her to go flirt with guys. So now she’s just sort of chilling. And then there’s the girl that dresses up as the cat every year. And then next to her is the girl that wanted to dress up like a cat this year, but her friend called it. So now she’s a Mouse, duh. And then there’s the girl that’s never too old to go trick or treating. Trick or treat. She’s the girl at every Halloween party that dresses really provocatively, but no one really knows what she is. Not even her. What are you? I don’t know. And of course there’s the devil angel combo. We always go to Halloween parties together. True that. And then there’s the overly excited girl. Oh my god. There’s just so many costumes. Halloween is so great. This candy is great. I love this candy too. She’s the girl that’s really good at makeup and her makeup is literally her Halloween costume. I really like your makeup. Thank you. It took me three hours. I can tell. She’s the girl that wants to dress as something funny on Halloween.

So she dresses up as either usually it’s like a banana or in this case a hot dog. But she’s a hot dog. This is the girl that hates Halloween and her costume is literally Ugh, I hate Halloween. And then there’s the girl that actually wants to be scary for a change. Ugh. I knew she was there and I got scared. They’re the couple that probably just started dating this year. So this is probably their first Halloween together and hence where they have a couples costume. And they think they’re so cute. Wait, Bacon! You can’t leave. That’s going to defeat the whole purpose of our cute couple costume. And then last but not least, there’s the girl that didn’t want to go to a Halloween party, but somehow her friends were able to convince her into going to a Halloween party so she threw on a random jersey and put some black stripes on her cheeks. And she’s having a pretty bad time. Oh, right. That’s me. OK well, this Halloween party is over. Bye. So I enjoyed this post. If you need to see my previous two posts, click those down below and comment right up there if you’re not commented already. OK. I love you guys so much. Bye!.

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