10 Exercises Schedule For Weight Loss

The warm up is half the workout

Inverted rows, push-ups, bilateral (two legged) squats and prone cobras are now part of your warm up. You body has now matured enough to use easy-sets (low intensity) of these exercises in order to warm up and prepare yourself for the remainder of the program. Inverted Rows will prepare you for pulling movements. Push-ups will prepare your wrists, elbows & shoulders for pushing movements. Bilateral squats will warm up your legs and prone cobras will warm up the whole back chain all the way up from your head, through your upper and lower back, and down to your glutes and hamstrings. Warming up this way will also add a little more easy strength to the bank without exhausting you for the rest of the program.

1. Start your warm up with our dynamic stretching routine.

2. Rest for 30-60 seconds and move on to easy sets.

Easy Sets

Sensation: While doing these sets you are not supposed to be experiencing any great amount of fatigue. A mild pump to get some blood flowing in your muscles is what youre aiming for.

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Warm up sets order:

1. Inverted rows

2. Push-ups

3. Bodyweight squats

4. Prone cobra

Sets and Rest: These exercises are going to be performed in a form of circuit training. After each exercise rest briefly (5-10 seconds max) and move on. Once you are finished with one round of all four exercises, rest for ninety seconds and repeat. You are going to complete a total of two to three rounds. Two rounds are enough if you are working out in a warm environment and if youve been awake for more than six hours. Three rounds are required if you train early in the morning and/or in cold environments.

Reps: The number of reps should be about half the reps you would need to do, in order to come close to failure in an exercise by doing 3 sets with one minute rest in between. If you have completed the basic level training, then you now that exact number but lets see an example just to be sure. If you would do three sets of 15 push-ups with one minute rest in between in order to come close to failure, then your warm up sets should consist of 7-8 repetitions. Remember to balance this number with the sensation described above. Feel free to add or reduce a few of reps to get the right feeling.

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