10 Ganesh Decoration Ideas For Home

Pillow cases, valances and throws

The vast range of bedding and bed-linen now available makes the bed the key element in the bedroom’s design. How the bed is ‘dressed’ makes the ultimate design statement.

Pillow cases

Bed pillows should be comfortable and not so numerous that you need to discard most of them in order to sleep! Rectangular or square, on their own or with a long bolster beneath, they are often the focus of the bed.

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Their cases are essentially fabric bags like small duvet covers and their construction is much the same. At their most plain they are a top and a base stitched together with a pocket to keep the pillow held inside. They can also have a border all around as on an ‘Oxford’ pillow case.

Add a line of buttoning, embroidery, lace or a fabric border and a pillow case is instantly transformed. A blanket stitch along the open edge can be a simple detail. For a tailored look, use cases that have a flap around the edge, which can be made from the same fabric as the rest of the case or in a contrast. Layering plain on stripe on check, linking the colour, can be smart and can incorporate a combination of fabrics used elsewhere on other parts of the bed. For an instant monogram try hand stencilling bold letters or motifs, using a permanent dye. These are much cheaper than the embroidered ones that have now become collectors items, although these, if you can find them still in good condition, are very beautiful.

The key to bed-linen is to keep it simple – but that does not mean it always has to be white. Here, although white is the basic colour, the crisp blue and green ginghams dominate and there are similar colours in the bed cover to provide a harmonious link. The bedstead, with its simple curved iron frame, accentuates the cool, clean overall effect.

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