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Making the buttonholes and turn the cover wrong side out so that the right sides are together. Press the seam flat, aligning the seam line along the fold. Stitch 2cm (Min) from the edge. Turn right side out and press.

Use a button to mark the length of the buttonholes, and buttonhole stitch around the slit, oversewing at each end.

Making the buttonholes on the cover

Mark the positions for the buttonholes along one edge of the opening about 25cm (lOin) apart. Use a button to mark the length of the buttonholes, allowing for the button thickness. If you are making the buttonholes by machine, follow the instructions in your sewing machine manual.

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If you are sewing the buttonholes by hand, use a pair of small scissors to cut the buttonhole. Start by oversewing the cut at one end several times. Buttonhole stitch down one side of the slit, oversew the other end, turn the fabric around and buttonhole stitch up the other side. Fasten the thread end into the end of the buttonhole on the wrong side. Sew on the buttons to correspond with the positions of the buttonholes.

Making tie fastenings for the cover

The simple duvet cover can be fastened with ties instead of buttonholes. Use lengths of ribbon with the raw edge slip stitched over, and secure them to each side of the duvet opening in pairs.

Alternatively, ties can be made from strips of fabric, either the same as the cover or in a contrasting pattern. Cut strips about 30cm (12in) long by 6cm (2Min) wide, fold over and press a 1cm (Min) hem on all sides. Fold the strips in half so that the long sides meet, wrong sides together. Top stitch all around and stitch in place as for ribbons.

4 A blue and white checked gingham duvet cover and buttoned pillows lie comfortably crumpled against the white linen sheet on this simple bed. The interior is cool and understated, with neutral backgrounc colours that allow the bed covers to dominate. The gingham is echoed in the frame on the cupboard and helps to unite the theme.

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