10 Luxury Home Decor Ideas

Decorating surroundings.

As well as layering fabrics on the bed itself, a partial or complete framework of fabric walls can be created over and around the bed from gathered or stretched material. A contemporary metal version of the ornate four-poster provides a structure from which to hang fabrics, simply tied or tabbed at.

On entering this bedroom, the eye is drawn to the unusual wrought-iron headboard. Its exaggerated Gothic styling, resembling ornamental railing, is made all the more striking by its juxtaposition with warm colours and soft, highly textured fabrics the sunny yellow walls and cosy-looking bedspread with its vivid relief design of sunbursts the top. Lightweight muslin can fall airily to the floor; double-layered or heavier cloth can provide warmth and texture.

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Chunky metal eyelets, punched through the fabric, can be slotted onto a pole, while simple canopies can be supported by a bracket or short pole projecting from the wall above the bed.

Fleadboards provide support, and can also feature as key elements to cover and decorate. Here, a stamped metal headboard, for example, can provide a contrasting backdrop for pillows in, say, a crisp white and grey stripe. Hang quilted fabrics over a fixed head end; mix stripes and floral patterns, canvas and delicate embroidery, or richly textured tapestries and white pique to create the style you want.

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