10 Small Bedroom Design Ideas On A Budget


Single ruffles Calculate the dimensions of the ruffle and add a hem and seam allowance. Cut the strip. Turn up the hem and stitch. Stitch two parallel rows of long, straight machine stitch and gather to the required length. Pin and tack to the main fabric with right sides together. Remove the pins. Machine stitch in place along the seam line and remove the tacking. Neaten the edges using machine zigzag and press upwards.

Double ruffles To produce a full ruffle, cut double the depth of the fabric and allow twice the required top seam allowance. Fold the material in half lengthways and gather the top, as for a single ruffle.

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For each pleat allow three times required width and remember to parallel to the cross grain of the tal to ensure that the pleats hang strau

Knife pleats

Having decided upon the required p width, calculate the number of pleai measuring the edge to which the p] will be attached and dividing by width of the pleat. Multiply this nun by three to calculate the width oi fa needed and add the seam allowau Calculate the depth required and seam allowances. Flat fell the seam join the widths together and pin stitch the hems. Mark the pleats on fabric at right angles to the edge oi fabric. Mark the pleat line (A) ana t measure twice the pleat width and n on the placement line (B). Alterna^ and (B) markings and measurem along the fabric. Fold the fabric c n first pleat line (A) and bring to line repeat to the end of the fabric. 1 along the top of the fabric and r Stitch in place as for ruffles.

Box pleats

Box pleats consist of two pleats fo in such a way as to turn towards i other. Begin in the same way ai knife pleats. Mark pleat line measure twice the width and e placement line (B). Then measure twice the pleat width again, to mark the next pleat line (A), then twice the width again, to the beginning of the next sequence, pleat line (A). To pleat the fabric, simply fold the two pleat lines (A) outwards to meet over the placement line. Inverted box pleats are assembled in the same way except that the pleat lines are folded inwards to meet over the placement lines.

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