10 Small Home Interior Design Ideas

Decorative effects for the bolsters.

For a more sophisticated bolster, combine fabrics and cord in one cover. For a touch of flamboyance, mix fake leopard skin, dramatic ink-blue silk and a shiny gold cord and key tassel. Hand-stitched braid or other passementerie teams well with all kinds of fabric a rough hessian looks surprisingly good with an elegantly woven trim, for example.

Directory of fastenings and trimmings.

There is a wide range of decorative trimmings available for use on cushion covers, tablecloths, place mats and bed-linen. They can be chosen in a contrasting colour, pattern or texture to add a bold foil to soft furnishings or can be in a plain, matching colour to create a subtle but striking detail.

Fastenings on your cushion covers, loose covers or pillow cases serve a practical purpose but can also be a design focus, as becomes obvious with the use of ties or bold buttons.


Bias binding.

Bias binding is a strip of fabric, cut on the bias (diagonally across the grain) and used for enclosing piping cord or for covering raw edges for example, around the edges of place mats.

Bias binding can be handmade from any lightweight fabric, patterned, plain or striped. It can also be bought ready-made in various widths and in a range of solid colours.

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