10 Traditional Home Decorating Ideas

Bed valances (dust ruffles)

These bed dressings form a skirt between the base of the mattress and the floor. The skirt is typically attached to a flat piece of fabric

Tack and machine stitch through all the layers. Pink the that sits between the matress and the bed base. Because it is hidden, this can be made of inexpensive lining. The skirt, in a more interesting fabric, can be flat, with tailored kick pleats at each corner, or, as on beds with a fixed head and foot end, the corner pleats can be split to fall either side of the bed leg.

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Box pleats, although taking a considerable amount of fabric three times that for a flat skirt – are smart and straightforward and, using a contrasting fabric in the pleats, can give a striking effect. For a more sculptural finish, instead of pleats at the corners, simply join the fabric using punched eyelets and tied cord. For a softer effect, gather the skirt into rich folds of crumpled linen, muslin or shot taffeta silk. Whichever style you choose to make, careful measuring and estimating of the amount of fabric required are essential as a valance will not work if there is not enough material in it. As valances tend not be washed as often as covers and pillow cases, a more robust fabric can be used.


A throw suggests casualness and spontaneity. It is intended to go over all other bedding and provides an extra layer for additional warmth, perhaps used only occasionally and otherwise stored at the end of the bed. Throws can also be a useful device for concealing a mixture of bedding beneath and thus tidying a bed that perhaps by day becomes a sofa.

Throws are generally made from a rectangle of fabric, cut large enough to cover the bed end to end and to fall to the floor on both sides. They are then hemmed and possibly lined as well. Throws can be used with valances, in which case the fabric is cut to fall only part of the way down each side of the bed in order to reveal the valance beneath. Throws may be plain or quilted, with additional borders or edgings that add colour or texture. As the throw is intended to be folded down once the bed is in use, a heavier fabric can be used.

4 Cool blue and cream combine to be the dominant theme here.

The wonderful midnight-blue backdrop behind the ice-cream swirls of the bed frame is picked up ir the checks and stripes and toile de Jouy patterns of the various items of bed-linen. The top quilt is reversible, using the three different fabrics to great effect.

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