10 Ways to Get a Flat Belly for Summer and Bikini Season

Wanna push your heart rate to new heights? Try these clever training tricks

1 HIIT it hard

Interval training can improve cardiovascular fitness by up to 13 per cent, according to a Canadian study. To get on board, follow the Tabata principle: do 20 seconds of high-intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeat eight times. It s over in a flash!

2 Snack smart

Make sure youre fuelled up before you embark on a heavy cardio sesh. You need enough energy to work hard, says Nike master trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule.

You must be firing on all cylinders ifyou expect your body to be able to push itself. A banana with a tub ofyoghurt or a handful of dried fruit and raw nuts an hour before your workout will give you fuel to burn.

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3 Be consistent

Commit to a regular schedule to see your results soar. Try to do one or two intense cardio sessions a week, says Thompson Rule. Lighter cardio sessions – such as a slow run, bike ride or swim – once a week will balance out the more intense training.

4 Play some tunes

The right workout playlist can supercharge your sesh, making you work harder when fatigue kicks in. Go for tunes with a tempo of 120-150 beats per minute to keep your energy up and your head in the zone.

Need inspo? The Rocky theme might be cheesy, but its played along the New York Marathon route every year for a reason! to give your mind and ticker a boost.

5 Load it up

Not a fan of cardio workouts? Weighted moves will get you working up a sweat. Exercises such as the squat and press, weighted lunges and step-ups can all be taxing on the lungs, says Thompson Rule.

6 Enjoy yourself

Slogging it out on the treadmill or spin bike may earn results, but ifyoure not having fun, you wont want to push yourself. Instead, get creative: challenge your mates to a sprint-off in the park or book a one-on-one PT session outdoors

7 Multitask your training

Fuse your strength and cardio sessions to give your body an extra challenge and fast-track results. Try alternating sprints with body weight moves such as squats, lunges and push-ups to build muscle and speed.

9 Be realistic

Setting achievable goals will help to keep your morale up so you dont bail on your workouts. Aim to increase your distance or time by 10-20 per cent per week, or you may feel discouraged when the going gets tough.

10 Recover right

There is too little emphasis on giving your body time to recover, says Thompson Rule. Downtime is when your body reaps the rewards ofyour hard work. Taking the time to get sufficient sleep, eat well, stretch and do recovery sessions will pay dividends.

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