10 Weight Loss Tips That Are Actually Evidence-Based

Next time you go for a stroll, take a buddy with you. Why? According to researchers from the University of East Anglia in the UK, regular outdoor walking in groups can score you a happy heart and healthy mind. Scientists reviewed 42 studies from 14 countries and found that social strollers experienced a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and total cholesterol. They also had a more positive attitude towards exercise, a shared experience of wellness and were less likely to drop out of other forms of activity. Tell your pals to free their Sunday -you’ve got a standing date!

Get absolutely fabulous with the help ofthese core-sculpting moves (no crunches necessary!)

TISTHESEASON FORBIKINIS! Oh, and crop tops. And cut-out dresses… The list rolls on. Want to get your middle ready for everything your summer wardrobe has in store? Get on to this workout. It s designed to make your stomach look svelte – without a single boring crunch.

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Instead, you’ll get your abs looking fab with the help of a kettlebell and barbell. Doing weighted moves challenges your core as you have to engage your abs to keep steady as you lift. And they’ll help tone the rest ofyour bod, too!

HOW TO DO I T: Complete one set of each exercise, following the reps for each move, then go on to the next. Once you’ve completed a full circuit, repeat the workout for a total ofthree sets. Use a weight that challenges you, and ifyou’re ready, take it up a notch!


PI ace a barbell on the floor in front of you and position your feet below your hips, slightly turned out.

Hinging at your hips, squat down to the barbell and grasp it with both hands in an overhand grip.

Begin to push up through your heels to lift the barbell, straightening your legs as you do so. Ensure you flare your knees out to the side slightly so the barbell doesn’t knock them.

O nce the barbell is above your knees, drive your hips into it. Pause for about 2-3 seconds.

Slowly lower the barbell back to the start position and repeat.

Starting out? 12-15 reps Need a challenge? 10 reps with added weight Almost pro? 6-8


Stand with your knees bent and feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell in one hand. Push your bottom out and keep your knees bent, then swing the kettlebell back through your legs.

Extend your hips and legs to push back up to standing, making sure your back is flat, and use the momentum to swing the kettlebell to chest height.

Swing the weight back through your legs as you lower down. Repeat.

Starting out? 12-15 reps per arm Need a challenge? 10 reps per arm with a little more weight Almost pro? 6-8 reps per arm with a further increase of weight.

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