18 Halloween Hair Ideas That Nail The Scary-But-Chic Theme

Porcelain Doll Halloween Makeups

Begin by moisturizing your face and then moisturize, your under eyes with an eye cream porcelain dolls are really really pale. So I like using the NYX primer because that makes, your face really pale for, some reason. So I just use as kind of like a white, cream makeup all over my, face and then with a heavier cream makeup hold the brush the tips you have a really light touch to your face and then just brush that all over your entire face and then conceal your under eyes with a really really really light concealer since porcelain doll faces aren’t legitimately white use.

A white powder makeup all over your face to set, everything you’re most, likely going to need to fill in your eyebrows for this look. Just so you look more youthful to make your eyes, look huge as heck line, your waterline with white pencil liner and your lower lash line with a white liquid liner line under the white with a black liquid liner and then really really really quickly line your upper lash line then primer lids. The eyeshadow stays on long then take some pink eye, shadows then I’m, just using this blush palette take a light color and sweep it all over your entire lid and then put a darker color in your crease and then for this look we’re going to be using a lot of fake eyelashes. Because you know you want to get those creepy doll, eyes so just put some, eyelash glue on a pair of big eyelashes and put it right above the black.

It might look weird but it’s just gonna, make your eyes look bigger, in the long after prepping your eyelashes draw some creepy fake eyelashes and then take the eyelashes that you just prepped and put them on your lower lash line on the black optional. But it will bring the whole look together put in, two colored contacts put a, cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and then don’t forget to blend them out. And then take an eyeshadow brush and a regular blush, and put it on your, regular cheeks after that put on some concealer on your lips. Or I’m using blue primer by elf and, then take a really pink, lipstick and put it on the center of your lips only and do not forget to gloss. It up no no for the hair I’m, basically just gonna curl it, so put on a heat protectant and do your thing to bring the outfit together wear some glossy black high heels. If you could find a quickie gown like I did, just put it on but, you can get one from like Target or something slow motion.

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