2 Strand Chinese Staircase Hairstyle

Hi guys welcome to our very first Q&A On best hairstyles, I’m Graycie. And this is my mom Kerry hi guys we’re gonna give you guys a couple of Q&A before, I start our tutorial first question what nationality are you oh, I am Korean. And Graycie is Korean.

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And white also Hispanic. And Indian. And a lot of other stuff too second question what got you started doing hair well, I was adopted.

So when, I was little my mom had like the longest hair that I’ve ever seen. And it just mesmerized me. I loved it.

And I just kept playing with her hair. And she loved it too. I was like addicted to hair third question do, I blow-dry Gracie’s hair no very rarely do like blow-dry your hair but most of the time, I let it go wet.

I don’t really like when she blow dries my hair. No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t like the heat 4th question: how old are you? how old amI?, I’m 47. And she is nine almost ten in four months this is it for now but we’ll be back with more Q&A after our tutorial today’s time we’re going to show you how to do a two strand Chinese ladder braid. So let’s get started, I went in put her hair in a low ponytail slightly off-center you want to give yourself extra time because you’re working with little pieces of hair you want to split your ponytail down the middle you want to take the inside of this right ponytail just take a small piece of it just gonna make a knot.

So you want to take this. And bring it under this strand. And grab it with your two fingers right here.

And pull it through okay slide it up make sure you tighten it you’re gonna take the left side inside of here but if you take a small little piece. And join it with this strand here. And then you want to bring this strand under.

And then over. And then grab restaurant again, I’ll take this side here inside of here on this side right side bring it together put your finger in between this you’re gonna bring the strands under. And grab it through with your fingers tighten it up again you want to only take small little pieces right here from the inside of the strands.

And take a little piece together grab from under that ponytail. And bring it through with your fingers. And that’s it it’s all repeated until you get down to the end.

And it is very very important that you take small little strands because if you take big strands it’s just gonna look too bulky you wanted to want that right in the middle to stand out okay. I want to stop right here as her ends are kind of popping out hide my last band hairspray. And there you have it that pretty let’s do a final spin we’re back with for our Q&A its Gracie your only child no she’s not she is my only daughter though, I have four boys.

So altogether, I have five children their ages are 27 26 22. And 17. And 9 that’s a lot to remember hey how long is Gracie’s hair how long is her hair when her hair’s all the way down it passes her but.

So it’s way past her but like at the bottom of the bun this grace you get lots of compliments at school well when she was going to school she was giving a lot of compliments because every day would be a different hairstyle but now, I’m who schooled yeah the only ones, I home school or now. So she’s been homeschooled since second grade she is now in fourth grade almost bit what are your favorite colors my favorite color is green my great blue purple my favorite color though in one look or, I’m the first one that likes the green. And then everybody else starts making me green.

So they all copy. And a little Q&A if you want more please tell us in the comments but it also if you want to see more of our posts quick over there somewheres don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. And click our link below.

So that you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we’ll see you next time guys until then learn it do it. And teach others bye guys bye.

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