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The New General Of till! South

With over two dozen years in the game, nearly 200,000 sold in the first week, and more than two awards received at BET’s 2017 Hip Hop Awards, it’s safe to say that 2012 is definitely one of 2 Chainz’s best years ever. His recent rise to stardom came as a shock to some When he won the Rookie of the Year award from BET, ears raised because, quite frankly, he’s considered as much .loser to being a veteran than a newcomer.

The College Park native began rapping in 1997 as Atlanta began taking its place as a serious hip hop contender. Atlanta’s Goodie Mobb, Outkast, SoSo Def, and La Face Records were already establishing a strong international brand with their eccentric sounds and ground-breaking hits, which attracted artists from all over and had all eyes on Atlanta.

Beneath the surface, the evolution of Tauheed Epps, formerly known as TLyboi, was just getting started. While in high school he formed the duo P.L.A.Y.A.Z. Circle with his longtime friend Dolla Boy, which to this is day is still intact despite 2chamz’s personal success. The group is characterized by their strong southern twang and soulfully raw hip hop beats with plenty of bass and witty delivery.. After the 1996 Olympics, Atlanta was brimming with business opportunities so the group decided to ride the wave giving their group name an acronym meaning ‹“Preparing Legal Assets from Years A to Z’.

Playaz Circle’s progress was steady after the release of their independent album United we Stand, United we Fall in 2002 but after meeting with Ludacris, who at the time was an accomplished DJ, they received a momentum shift. Disturbing the Peace, a subsidiary of Def Jam Recordings, took Playaz Circle under their wing and they continued to grow, making strategic connections that would soon land them in a number one spot. In 2007, they released their debut album Supply & Demand and watched as their single, ‹“Duffle Bag Boy‚, featuring Lil Wayne climbed the urban hit singles chart to remain for some time. Flash five years forward and today 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne continue to create collaborative megahits such as ‹“Yuck’ found on his latest release B.O.A.T.S. Not only does the height difference set these two artists apart, each has their own distinctly unique style; and still they share a common respect and appreciation for one another’s work. Lil Wayne demanded fans purchase 2 Chainz new release and slated the release of his mixtape Dedication 4 to ensure all the attention was on his longtime colleague.

Before Young Money reached billionaire status with such artists as Drake and Nicki Minaj, back when Lil Wayne was still considered a rookie, he and 2 Chainz were just starting to make history. On MTVs debut episode oi ‹“This is How I Made It’, 2 Chainz reminisces on their first encounters and shares a little-known fact: Me and Wayne are like real peers. He liked my vibe from day one.‚

After the young hot boy gave him a quick shout out in ‹“Where You At’, it only seemed natural for 2 Chainz to consider him for the collaboration. The success they achieved from this single song lanced him in a different direction and led to the most pivotal point in his career thus far .

We’ve seen alter egos before in the rap game: T.I. vs. T.I.P., the Eminem, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady trio, or Rick Ross for example, but when the decision was made to advance from Tityboi to 2 Chainz the transformation was astronomical. When asked why he changed his name he simply explained, It was just me expressing myself as an artist,‚ but on second thought, he admitted that it could subliminally mean his second shot for the number one spot.

His latest solo release, Based on a True Story (Def Jam), was an enjoyable and candid expression of artistry. His offbeat delivery and catchy phrases make hits like I Love Dem Strippers‚ irresistible, and while some believe he brings a new flavor to a genre, others criticize him for contributing to the monotonous content pervading the industry. In the numbers game, however, 2 Chainz remains steaming ahead at his own pace, selling out crowds on his national tour as fans await his European tour launching in London, November 2012.

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