Hi everyone, new year new makeup trends I want to show you five trends that I think we will see a lot this year I built trend boards as usual they will be available on my blog linked here and in the description below it’s one of those posts that take a while to prepare, but when I do that I like to look at celebrities at runways inspiration from different areas and this is what, I found spoiler: in 2019 we’re seeing the end of exaggerated contouring which I’m not unhappy about. I have to say but let’s start immediately with the first trend which I called fantasy highlighters Rihanna has launched a Fenty makeup line which really emulated in the beauty world a surprising product within that line that immediately took off with a listers and on instagram it’s golden highlighter it’s like a blush but not really in a skin-like tone, it’s like a highlighter a little bit but it’s not actually lighter than your skin tone here’s the board that I prepared golden highlights are really warming up the whole face it’s great on warm skin tones so in parallel emerged another color palette inspired by fantasy hair colors.

2019 MAKEUP TRENDS Photo Gallery

And by the unicorn look that we’ve seen a lot online last year and the pastel tones that you see at the bottom fit perfectly if you have cooler skin so this double trend actually caters perfectly for warm skin in gold and for cooler skin in pastel tones a silver a pearl whites also great options if you like something a little bit more discrete a bit more subtle, but more on this in a minute let’s move on to trend number two eyeliner lines in 2019 at the end of the day there was one official way of drawing an eyeliner line very long bold in the middle pointier and pointier towards the outside until it vanishes that was the Instagram 2019 look in 2019 on the other hand it’s gonna be a lot more interesting on the matter of eyeliner, we’re seeing many different ways of actually drawing that line anywhere around the eye you can create thick and filled wings like on the right side of the board or you can leave those lines unfilled like in the top right corner on Bella Hadid, you can also draw under.

The eye instead of above it either with a pointy end or just by marking your bottom waterline right underneath the eye notice that all looks here used dark eyeliner colors regardless of the skin tone or the hair color of the lady which liner style do you prefer that trend makes me personally immediately think of Twiggy who was the model of the 60s she would draw a black line here in the crease of the eye lid of the mobile lid. And then she would paint the bottom lashes with a brush yeah that made her look like a doll very recognizable look peachy smokey this trend is perfect for a day look it can be kept quite discreet and it looks fresh at all ages you take the technique of a smoky eye but you do it with a peachy eyeshadow instead example in the bottom left corner you can use a slightly darker shade for a more intense look or you can use gel a different texture to get a wet version of it which is quite interesting and since it is such a cute color as a nail polish you could even match your nails to your eyeshadow instead of matching it to your lipstick this is definitely something that I would do and I would do it by day or by night for any occasion in fact.

Focus on the inner corner usually when you see very heavy makeup looks you see pigments all around the eye area here up to the eyebrow on the outside of course but also underneath the eye and in that area here close to the nose in 2019 works in very subtle looks where you decorate just the inner corner of the eye here while the rest of the face and the eye area remain almost there. I find this extremely elegant the easiest way of doing it is with a tone that is a very very light white great light great pearl white a cream white something like that and you just apply a hint of it with your finger very refreshing in the top-left corner you see a heavier version where she’s wearing white highlighter on her cheeks and the inner corners of her eyes are actually purple that’s the more dramatic way of playing it if you want to try that this inner thing is technically very easy to do but it gives you immediately a kind of artistic touch Pantone purple a couple of weeks ago.

I did a post about the Pantone color of the year 2019 which is ultra violet if you’ve missed it you can watch it here. I link it in the corner as well as in the description below this post basically Pantone said this year we’re going to see purple violet everywhere rather than a self-fulfilling prophecy, it’s the results of what they’ve been observing over the course of the last months and there was quite a bit of purple indeed Prince’s Purple Rain Rihanna wore purple makeup many many times purple ombre lips are not in and almost all major brands have extended their purple and violet ranges of colors that gives you a ton of options on how you want to do it, on the lips like my lipstick today revlon bhava violet which you also see here I currently wear it a lot because I feel it’s a great winter color all you do it on the eyes and really there are many many shades from very light very intense right now on the market red was the lip color this winter but now in spring summer we’ll see violet coming more and more and it’s a very very sophisticated color actually. I did a post on the meaning of colors so I will link it here and below as well those were the five trends that. I selected for you do you have any favorite is there something la you were really expecting to see on those boards and didn’t see feel free to comment I’m very curious about what you see on your side of the world thumbs up if you felt inspired by this post I certainly enjoyed making it because I love to build mood boards comment to this My blog for more trend posts to come this month the big fashion trends post which, I do twice a yeah is also coming up so stay tuned new posts every Wednesday and Sunday see you very soon again and until then take care bye.

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