3 Easy HEATLESS Summer Hairstyles

I want to show you three easy super cute and super pretty hairstyles which incorporate flowers, I think these are like forces for the summertime for every type of event basically and you know flowers in the hair are my favorite. So, I really hope you enjoy reading this post thank you very much and now let’s get started. So the first thing, I always do is that, I put my lucky hair extensions in I’ll use the dirty blonde side because it gives me such beautiful highlights blog highlight that, I think this is just something that, I cannot miss and also it’s.

So easy to put them in like two minutes and I’m ready you. So the first hairstyle will be creating the milkmaid braid it’s maybe my favorite of all three just because it’s. So so.

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So easy but the same time it looks super pretty in my opinion. So as you can see, I have my hair split in two and then, I will be doing regular three strand braids on both sides and as you can see, I have little pieces of hair in front those will be like four little curls that will frame the face now that the parades are ready we are able to create the hairstyle basically, I will use some bobby pins to pin this down and that’s it as, I said super super easy now, I curl those new pieces up here you know your friends which will frame the face as, I said and pull the whole hairstyle together basically and, I think the flowers are next which is like the best but I’m using these little white ones, I don’t know why but, I really think these flowers are just the perfect choice for this type of hairstyle, I really like how it turned out, I hope you do too the next hairstyle is an updo which is a little bit more formal and it would be like the perfect choice for a summer wedding for example. So as you can see I’m doing a Dutch braid, I will be doing two actually.

So on my right and my left side as well super easy if you practice a little bit. So it’s not that big of a deal if you practice it you will get the hang of it, I promise. So to Dutch braids and then, I will be doing a bun in the back of my head, I always listen up my braids a little bit for that extra pack because it’s just more beautiful, I believe and now we can move on to our bun first I’m doing a low pony as you can see and then using a chignon I’m doing the bun which is like again something that requires practice but, I think you can get the hang of it you know if you do it a lot of times.

So as you can see I’m rolling up to here using this shenyang and basically you just have to pull on this a lot you just have to be tough you know okay that looks pretty good to me and because we have a lot of hair to handle with, I need some bobby pins to secure this in place now it’s time to pull the braids backwards you know, I would just simply you know tug the hair inside the bun because you can obviously do that or just simply using a bobby pin, I will secure this in place and, I will have something like a crossing braid thing going on you know which, I think looks super pretty. So here you have the hairstyle obviously not finished because we need some flowers you know the cherry on top and, I will be using these beautiful Mavi pinky ones, I would just simply you know tuck this into the hairstyle and then we are ready to go. So the last hairstyle we will be creating in this tutorial is an awesome indica side braid which means it’s half Dutch braid and half fishtail.

So, I will be starting off with a Dutch braid until, I reach the bottom of my ear and then, I will be doing the fishtail braid. So basically this is the point where, I stop and, I will be using you know one of those little elastic bands to secure this and then, I will split all of my hair into two equal sections and, I will be doing the fishtail braid which is again very easy a little bit more time-consuming, I should say but looks again super cool. So the fish that is ready and now, I can pull on my braids and I’m doing it pretty heavily as you can see because, I just like that effect a lot it makes a big of a difference, I think but if you have layers in your hair please be careful with these step because you may pull out some hairs and you don’t want to do that and a little curl on the side and we can move on to the flowers and I’m using low white and multi ones for that extra you know colorful touch to the hair and, I think that’s it, I really like how it turned out.

So that was it for this post, I really hope you enjoyed reading it if you decide to recreate one of these hairstyles don’t forget to post a photo on instagram with the hashtag locks here we just love to see your recreations thank you very much again and wish you all a lovely day bye.

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