3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles

Every precious minute in the morning town and the extra time you spend in bed Yuki made up in the bathroom and because there’s a fine line between messy pony and redhead pony here are three simple hairstyles that will take three minutes or less perfect for when you’re running, I know you’re going to have a little to no time in the morning wash and dry your hair before you go to bed while your hair is still warm but dry put your hair into lo buns twisting away from your face when you take them out in the morning your hair will look like you spent hours curling it but all you had to do was wake up and brush it out divide your hair in half and hold one half and each hand tie each of the strands together as if you were going to make a knot and then repeat yes you just double knotted your hair and yes it looks amazing slide up ten or two underneath to secure it in place and toss that’s on you back separate your hair into three ponytails starting with the top one will figure upwards and through the part of your hair that’s just above the elastic do the same with the second one down but this time put the hair from the top through the part as well tucking it behind repeat for the last and bottom ponytail what are you’re running late hairstyles sound up below and be sure to share using the hashtag luxy hair for more tips like this be sure to visit my blog thanks.

3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So much for reading and I’ll see you guys next time.

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