3 Easy Travel Hairstyles Lets Visit Italy

Hey guys if they’re a nurse here and in case you’ve never seen me before, I am a travel and lifestyle r and, I am travelling around Italy right now and I’m coming to you right now from Venice oh my goodness such an incredible City and today I’m going to be showing you three super simple hair cells that, I have been wearing on this Italy trip they are super quick and easy. So let’s get straight into the first hairstyle.

3 Easy Travel Hairstyles Lets Visit Italy Photo Gallery

So the first style is a simple top knot, I know that these are really easy but everybody has their own twist and way that they do it. So, I thought, I would show you how, I like to do mine first step is to section just a small piece of hair right on top then I’m going to take my hair brush and just brush that straight up to minimize any bumps a few bumps that are fine but just to make it a little bit smoother then I’m going to separate it and take this front section down then right here I’m clipping in a one clip left from my lucky hair extension and the same thing on the other side, I guess I’m kind of clipping it in upside down and then pick up this hair and walk then, I just tie that off with a clear elastic, I think this is actually super cute like this as well you can certainly leave it but to create this help not you’re just going to take that piece of hair and twist it around. So I’m just twisting that right around the base of the ponytail and if your hair is mostly one color adding in those clips will give you the extra dimension in the bond which, I really like then simply take a bobby pin or two however many your hair requires and spin it in place okay and that’s it for the first hairstyle of course you can clip in some more extensions at the bottom if you want to add more volume to this area but, I think I’m just going to keep it simple today and let me show you how, I style this your side okay here cell number two, I think this one is perfect for an evening look it’s a little bit more elegant and clean siliceous get started first thing I’m going to do is clip in a few west of my blonde volumes look the hair extensions these are the new ones they are.

So amazing they’re the seamless extension this new shade is seriously perfect for my hair. So first step is clipping a few of these websites not just going to put my hair into a low ponytail. So gather all of your hair and I’m just going to pull a little bit here just to loosen up the look a bit and now I’m just going to braid the hair into a simple three strand braid.

So you take the outside over the middle outside over the middle all the way down of course tie off the end with an elastic fold to add more volume if you’d like now I’m just going to make a sort of flour bun. So I’m going to wrap this around okay all done that is it let me show you some close-ups of this beautiful hairstyle okay and on to the final hairstyle this one kind of combines some of the techniques that you learned in the last two. So let’s get straight into it first step is to section off a small piece of your hair towards the front of your head about this size if your hair is not super thick in that area it’s also fine you can use a hair extension a small one clip weft in that spot and I’ll show you how you can integrate it.

So simply split that section in half and you want to clip it in facing backwards. So facing the direction that the braid is going to be going, I really love the new seamless extension for using them in spots like this because they just blend. So so usually, I don’t have to worry at all about the end sticking out or anything like that.

So I’ve got that extension clipped in now I’m going to do a three strand braid in the direction towards the back of my head you don’t need to tie it off just yet. So I’m going to just stick a bobby pin on that end to hold it in place.

So we’re just going to let this hang out on this side and we’re going to do the exact same on this side okay now. I’ve got my two braids I’m going to take them to the back and tie them off with another clear elastic now I’m going to take this new section and do another three strand braid not just exactly like the last hairstyle we’re going to take this braid and wrap it around to give it that flower rows effect that’s it for the third hairstyle let’s check out some close-up thank you. So much for reading make sure you comment to the lucky hair blog you can also check out mine down below and make sure you have your notifications on that it’s really important and also if you recreate any of these yourselves make sure you post them on Instagram and use hashtag Lux to hear.

So we can find your photos thank you. So much for reading and I’ll see you very soon bye.

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