3 Easy Warrior Braids Dirty Hair Styles

Today I’m going to show you how to do these three warrior braids i call them warrior braids because they make me feel like a warrior princess and i think that these are fantastic they’re very easy to do very quick but i think that it’s a nice interesting a little bit edgier take on a braid they could work for workout hairstyles they can work for beach hairstyles they are really great on second and third day hair they are perfect dirty hair hairstyles honestly there’s so many different ways that you can wear this and i think you guys are going to love them so let’s go ahead and get started so all three of these hairstyles are built off of a dutch mohawk braids so we’re going to create that first and the important thing with this is that you want to get a really clean mohawk section before you get started that way you don’t have your braids hanging out to one side or the other you want this nice and straight down the center they use the bobby pin to section my hair and i started on the arch of my eyebrow and carried.

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It around to the back and then drew a line down the back of my head with that bobby pin i pulled the hair that was on the side off threw it over my shoulder and the hair that’s left is gonna be part of your Mohawk parting but we want to do the same thing on the other side so you’re going to go from the arch of your eyebrow and you’re going to draw that bobby pin back and a straight line down the back of your head pull the hair off to the side over your shoulder and what you have left is your Mohawk section you want to clip the hair this on the sides out of the way so it doesn’t accidentally make its way into your braid and then we’re ready to move on all you have to do is create a Dutch braid with the section that we’ve left out so you’re going to take a piece of hair right at the top of that section and split it into three to make a Dutch braid.

You want to braid under the middle section so I’m going to get started by braiding a couple of times underneath just to get my raid started then you’re going to add in some hair so you just pick up a piece of hair add it with the section you’re braiding and braid it under you go do the same thing on the other side pick up a section of hair put them together braid it under and then you keep doing that it’s just like a French braid but you’re going underneath and then you want to keep repeating that over and over and over again until all of the hair has been incorporated into your Dutch braid if you want you can leave a little bit of hair unbraided at the bottom of the section I recommend that if you’re going to do the half updo but if not you can braid the whole section then it doesn’t matter so once you’ve got all of your Dutch braids done.

You can go ahead and braid the rest of the hair normally I rated most of the way down and then just left a couple inches unbraided and secured it with an elastic and that is it we are ready to move on to the individual hair style steps and we’re going to start with the half updo I’m going to take the hair that’s in front of my ears on either side of my face and pull it back and I’m actually going to use a clip to hold that in place once you’ve got that swept back we’re just going to create a fishtail braid which is really easy you just split the hair into two and then take a little piece from the right side switch it over to the left side take a little piece from the left side switch it over to the right side and then right to left left to right over and over and over again until you almost reach the end of your hair and then secure it with an elastic finally I like to go ahead and just loosen the rate up a little bit by massaging and pulling on it that helps to look more voluminous a little bit more organic and I think it really suits this hairstyle and your hairstyle is done.

I think it’s really unique because you have these two braids layered together in a kind of unusual way so you get to rock your bohemian braided hairstyle but it’s different than you know what everybody else is wearing and I like that so now let’s move on to the braid we’re actually just going to create another Dutch braid on top of the Dutch braid we already did so literally a double dutch braid what you’re going to do is you’re going to take two pieces of hair from one side of your head and then one piece from the other bring them to the back and that is the three sections you’re going to use to braid so you’re just going to braid underneath to get it started because again it’s a Dutch braid so we’re braiding under then you’re going to pick up small pieces of hair from around your face and braid them in so pick up a small piece of hair incorporate it with a section of braiding braid it under do the same thing on the other side pick up a small section put it with the one you’re braiding braid it under and then you’re going to keep going so first you’re going to start with the hair that’s around your face until all of that is into the braid then you’re going to move on to the hair from the nape of your neck and then finally all that’s going to be left is the braid that we started with with the mohawk braid stick that in one of your sections and keep braiding down.

I left just a couple of inches unbraided at the end and secured it with an elastic then I went back in and I massaged the braid just to loosen it up and help it look a little bit more Ganic a little bit more bohemian you guys know that’s my thing once that was done the braid is complete I really like this braid because it looks really unique but it’s not all that hard to do and I think it’s a great one to wear for the beach it’s a great one to wear working out if you like to have fancy hairstyles working out and it’s really great for those days when you want your hair out of the way but you want it to look good at the same time I love this one for that and finally we have the messy chignon and this one is really easy to do you’re just gonna pull all of your hair including your mohawk braid into a low ponytail then I decided that I wanted to unravel the braid that was in my ponytail so I just pulled the elastic off the end and I unraveled it but if you want that braid in the shenyang you could just leave it there it would look good it just lost the look I was going for today so then all you have to do to create the chignon is to fold your hair over so I just kind of picked it up and folded it over till it was about as long as I wanted the bun to be and then.

I secured it with an elastic up at the top now you can see that I have some in sick I actually like how that looks because it adds a little bit of messiness on organic Necedah hairstyles that I think just looks really good but I am going to use a little bit of those ends just to wrap around the elastics so you can’t see them anymore and it just adds that little bit of extra polish to the hairstyle now I love this hairstyle I think that that little Mohawk braid with the chignon it’s so unique it’s such a great piece to wear I think you can really add something to an outfit without overtaking it and without being a lot of work for you so that’s it for my 3 warrior braid hairstyles I hope that you guys really liked these I think that they’re so fun and I always feel so unique and different when I wear them and it just makes me happy so I hope you guys try them out too.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post as well because I tried a different filming and editing style this is the same filming and editing style that I did for my posts with w/u creators a lot of you guys really really liked those so I thought I would try it out over here on my channel you can leave me a comment and tell me what you think I’m always open to feedback I feel like for me I would never switch like wholesale always doing posts like this are always doing posts one way I kind of like to start changing things up a little bit but I want to know what you think I want to know if you like this style I feel like it’s a lot of fun and I like filming in this way so let me know what you think in the comments below and that is it I will see you guys in my next post mom bye.

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