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So as you guys know, I love braids. And lucky for me, they are trending right now. And especially with festival season coming up, they are trendier than ever. So I want to show you three of my favorite hair styles for festival season, but also just for spring. Let’s start off with the texture. I’m staring off with the Ouai hair oil. And this adds shine, it adds smoothness, and it helps to add a little heat protection as well. So I’m just gonna run that through my hands and then over my hair, brush it through, and then my hair is ready to be curled. You could also do this step after curling your hair to make sure that your ends look nice and polished. Now I’m going to take about two-inch sections of hair and curl them, and I’m just running through my iron just like you normally would, but at the ends, I’m kind of pulling my iron over the ends. And that way, they’re not as tight and ringlet-y, which gives you a cooler, more effortless looking wave.

So I curled the first couple pieces away from my face. But then I’m going to start alternating between curling toward my face and away from my face. That way you get a really nice, natural everyday looking wave. It looks really cool and modern. And I’m using a one-inch barrel for this. This is the GHD Classic Curl Iron. And I like this iron because it has technology that makes your curls last extra long, which I can definitely use, because I have fine hair. Once you’ve curled all the hair, it’s ready to be texturized. So first I’m going to run my hand through my curls to kind of break them up. And then I’m going to add in the Ouai Texturing Hair Spray. It’s like a dry shampoo and a hair spray mixed together.

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So it gives you a lot of fullness, and it holds your hair style in place. If you have fine hair, adding in texture like that is so important, because it really helps just bring your braids to life. And now we’re on to our first hair style, which you can do no matter how good or bad you are at braiding. You’re just going to separate the top half of your hair, and start putting that into a hair elastic. On your very last loop of the hair elastic, only pull part of your hair through, so that you have a little bun forming. And leave those ends out. I like the messiness that adds to the hairstyle. Now just grab a section of hair on one side of the bun and begin braiding that, just with a normal braid all the way down and secure the ends with an elastic. It’s that easy. If you want to get a little bit more complicated, you could maybe do a fishtail braid.

Or any other kind of braid you want to do here. To finish it off, just grab a little piece from your ends and wrap that around the elastic really loosely and messily. This does not have to be perfect. And then pin that in place, and you’re done. I really like how relaxed this hair style is. And I think that it’s perfect for any level of hair styling, even if you don’t feel like you’re very good at braids. If you can just do a basic braid, you can do this hairstyle. So now let’s move on to what you can do if you want to up your braid game. I’m going to sweep my hair straight back and then make a small rectangle right on top of my head. We’re doing three braids on top, so this is going to be for our first braid. You’re just going to take a small section right at the top of that rectangle, split it into three, and begin braiding.

Once you’ve got your braid underway, you can start adding in hair. So I’m gonna pick up a little bit of hair, add it into my braiding section and braid it in. Then I’m going to do the same thing on the other side. And you’re going to keep doing that until you’ve gone about three to four inches back. Then you’re just going to braid the rest of the hair normally. And once you get to the end, you can go ahead and secure it with an elastic. Then I’m adding in some more of that texturizing spray over my braid. And I’m going to pull and massage on the braid to get it as big and voluminous as possible. And once that’s done, you’re going to do the same thing on either side of the braid. So pick up another rectangular section and start braiding that, about three to four inches and then braid the rest normally. If the French braiding or inverted French braiding gets confusing for you, you can just take a rectangular section and braid the whole thing normally. You don’t have to do the French braid stuff if that seems really complicated.

It will still look really good, if you just take a rectangular section and braid the whole thing normally. The French braiding is really just an interesting way to get your braid starting. And it is a little bit similar to a cornrow technique, but I think because we’re pulling it apart so much, it ends up looking really different towards the end, and a little bit more Viking-ish. So anyway, once you’ve pulled everything apart, you’re ready to go ahead and pull it up and into a ponytail. And then we’re going to tie it into a knot to create the bun. So I’m literally tying my hair in a knot. And then all these kind of ends are going to jump out. So you’re just going to go ahead and pin some of them down or you can leave some of them out.

I think messiness definitely works for this. Now if you’re going to a music festival, you’re going to want some holds. So I’m using the Living Proof Flex Shaping Hair Spray. And this has a really lightweight flexible finish, so that you can touch your hair throughout the day, you can dance, and it’s gonna feel great. Totally naturally, but it’s going to stay in place. And that is it for this hairstyle. I think it’s totally unique, really cool, and it’s a great way to up your braiding game. And finally, I had to do a braid crown. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna split your hair in half and clip one half out of the way. And we’re going to basically do a lace braid all the way around your head. Which means, you’re going to flip the first half of your hair all the way forward, split your hair in three, and begin braiding. I’m braiding over the middle section this time. You can do whatever is easiest for you. So I’m gonna braid a couple times to get my braid started. And then when I’m ready, I’m gonna start adding in hair from the side closest to my face.

So you can see there’s some hair hanging right there, I’m picking it up, putting it with my braid section and braiding it in. And then I’m going to braid the other side normally without adding in any hair. And then again, next to my face, I’m picking up hair and I’m braiding it in. And then on the other side, I’m just braiding normally. And you’re gonna keep doing that, until all the hair from this half is in your braid. And it’s kind of nice, because gravity is working with you. All the hair that you need is literally sitting right there next to your hand. So it’s a little bit easier than a normal French braid, where you have to pick up hair from all over your head. It’s right there ready for you. So once you get all this done, this is actually the hardest part of the braid.

Once you get that done, it is easy. You just let the rest of your hair down, and keep braiding, until you reach back at your starting point. Once you’re there, you can go ahead and braid the rest of the hair normally, and then secure it with an elastic. Then I’m going to lightly pull and massage on the braid just to give it a little bit more texture and let the braid breathe. But it doesn’t have to be super voluminous. Then I’m going to take the end of the braid and tuck it underneath our French braid and pin that in place. Then to let our hair style breathe just a little bit more, I decided to let go some little pieces of hair around my face, so that I would have all these little wispys. And I think that helps this braid look a little bit more trendy and cool. So definitely feel free to kind of destroy the braid a little bit. And then I decided to add in some little flowers that I had laying around. I just took some clippings of fresh flowers and put them in my hair to create a flower crown, crown braid hybrid. And it was too much for me. I loved it so much, I literally wore it while I was cooking dinner after I finished filming, because I just thought it was too pretty. So that’s it. My final uber bohemian princess hair style. I just loved it. It made me smile so much, and I kind of hope you guys love it too. And that’s it for my festival of braids. Thank you to Sephora for partnering with me on this video. And if you guys try out any of these braids, share them with me on social media, with the hashtag #braid and the hastag #trendingatsephora. I would love to see your recreations. That’s it for now. I’ll see you on my next video. Moi. Bye.

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