3 Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Hi how are you doing today I’m gonna share with you a very special post I’m gonna share with you my favorite go-to hair cells when I’m having a bad hair day like today, I know you probably can’t tell because you know the HD camera makes everything look like a million times better but trust me my hair is not looking great it’s just flat and it’s sort of you know third day hair usually when I’m having a bad hair day, I just have my goal to hair looks and that’s what I’m gonna be sharing with you today. So let’s begin alright. So this first hairstyle is super duper easy all you’re gonna need is a hairbrush and some bobby pins usually, I need one or two the first thing I’m gonna do is just bring it over here to the side, I usually use my left side and I’m just gonna give it a quick brush okay.

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So the first thing I’m going to do is just split this hair in two sections and I’m gonna start twisting it the opposite directions and then I’m just gonna wrap this hair around each other. So I’m gonna just wrap the sections around themselves as, I twist they here the opposite directions and I’m just gonna do it all the way down to the braid and then as, I get to the bottom of the brain I’m not really gonna secure it I’m gonna turn around and show you what I’m doing in the bag just gonna lift it up and I’m gonna wrap it into sort of a rose and as, I wrap it I’m going to bring certain sections of it out then I’m gonna just grab my pop bobby pin and pin it in place and that’s it my second favorite trick one having a bad hair day is just to wear a hat and, I usually make sure that in every season whatever season were in, I have certain hat that, I can wear and, I actually only wear hats when I’m having a bad hair day because why would, I wear a hat when I’m having a good hair day that’s just gonna ruin the hairstyle. So if you ever see me in a hat chances are I’m having a bad hair day today I’m just gonna show you one of my you know recent purchases that, I bought, I would just slide the head on top of my head and it’s always nice when you have bangs sort of coming out under the hat because I’m obviously imagine if, I have no bangs it’s just gonna look ugly usually carefully slide the head down and usually you’ll end up having all these hair sticking out here just take a minute to fix this baby hairs sort of pull them out hide them under the bangs you can also go ahead and style your bangs you know over the head with a brush but my bangs are looking fine today, I won’t be doing that once, I fix the banks, I usually just go like this or what, I also like to do is sort of do a nice chunky fishtail braid on the side and I’m going to show you how, I usually do that just bring the hair on one of the sides section the hair into two and then I’m going to take big chunk of hair from section one add it to section two and then take a section from section – and add it to section one and then continue doing the same steps.

So I’m just doing a fishtail braid but I’m using really big chunky sections and then just braid it all the way down and then secure the ends with a hair elastic now the most important trick when, I do side braids without my lucky hair extensions is to pull the hair as much as, I can to make this braid appear thicker. So I’m just gonna carefully start pulling out sections of this braid and that just makes it look like a million times better and that’s the look number two the third hairstyle I’m gonna show you is actually my go-to hairstyle when I’m having a bad hair day and, I need to go somewhere nice and fancy and, I like, I don’t have the time to do my hair this hairstyle only takes a few minutes and looks absolutely beautiful, I always get compliments on it. So let’s begin what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna turn around on the side.

So you can see what I’m doing I’m gonna bring my hair back I’m gonna take two sections of hair here on the side I’m just going to twist them around then I’m going to add more hair to section one twist it and one here twist it add more here and then continue twisting it and adding more here and I’m just twisting it all the way to the left when, I get to my left I’m just gonna grab a bobby pin and I’m just gonna secure the twist and the ends now what I’m going to do here in the front is I’m going to use my largest barrel that, I have and this is about two inches wide and what I’m going to do is just section my hair into three four chunks because, I don’t really have time to do my hair. So I’m just gonna take really big sections and I’m gonna quickly curl the hair away from the face what that’s gonna do is really it’s gonna create a lot more volume it’s not really gonna give me any defined curls or waves but it’s gonna make it look more fresh and voluminous. So let’s begin she’s gonna take the first section and I’m just gonna curl it away from the face I’m just going to hold it for a few seconds and then slowly release it into my palm and after, I do that, I usually just let the wave set in my palm for a few seconds let it set and then I’m just gonna let it go I’m gonna take another section of hair and do the exact same thing and this is what the hair looks like when I’m done curling.

So as you can see there’s just a lot more movement a lot more life to the hair. So these are all my favorite go-to hairstyles when I’m having a bad hair they give them a try and let me know how you like it down below leave me a comment like this post and if you know somebody who will find this helpful maybe a friend then definitely share it with them as well thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys.

So much and I’ll see you next week bye.

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