3 Hairstyles for Oily Hair Without Dry Shampoo

Hey guys my name is eliana and in today’s post i’m going to be showing you three different hair styles to create whenever your hair is greasy or it’s on like the last stretch before you need to wash it again and you don’t have any dry shampoo on you, I know that it happens to me a lot whenever I’m in a rush and my hair is just looking a little bit greasy and it just needs a cool style to it and, I have no dry shampoo left. So these are the hairstyles that, I go to that just look done and professional and are perfect when you have greasy hair because it gives a very sleek sophisticated look to it.

So if you guys are interested in seeing the three hairstyles that, I created then just keep on reading okay love’s. So the first hairstyle that I’m going to create for you is this really sleek looking bun, I like to part my hair to the side but if you want to do it in the middle, I think it would look awesome I’m just taking my brush and smoothing out any flyaways and this hairstyle is perfect for third day hair if it’s a little bit greasy because, I think having your hair a little bit dirty just kind of helps it stay together a little bit more if it was freshly washed there would be too many flyaways and it wouldn’t look as sleek actually prefer this look if my hair is a little bit dirty. So once, I am happy with the placement of my ponytail I’m just going to tie it and, I like to use an elastic that is similar color to my hair color.

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So that it kind of camouflages in then taking my hairspray, I like to use one that’s very light and not too hard. So that it doesn’t make my hair crunchy I’m just going to spray the rest of my hair to really ensure that it’s nice and sleek then separating my ponytail into two parts I’m going to wrap the piece of hair around my fingers and making sure the ends of my hair are tucked into the loop and then just taking some bobby pins and pinning it in place I’m going to do the exact same thing with the other piece of hair. So looping it around my fingers and tucking the ends of my hair into the loop pinning it in place and, I always like to make sure, I like the placement of it.

So sometimes, I like to use a couple extra bobby pins just to make sure, I like the final result this look is so perfect for an occasion if you’re in a rush and you need a sleek hairstyle to rock, I absolutely love it, I think it looks super glam considering it takes no time to do on to hairstyle number two I’m going to be using my dirty blonde e hair extensions and, I love clipping in my hair extensions like this whenever I’m wearing a ponytail, I take two of the two clip weft and pop them right on top of each other and then, I separate my hair just a bit above that and put in two of the three clip weft right above each other again and doing it this way, I never feel the extensions in my hair and it doesn’t feel heavy on my head whatsoever. So I’m just gonna spray my hair with some hairspray again and this just make sure that there’s no flyaways and then, I just like to brush my hair.

So that it looks nice and tight, I make sure that, I get every single piece of hair. So that there’s nothing hanging out, I go over it one more time with my hairbrush to make sure it’s nice and smooth on the top and that there’s no bumps because, I hate when there’s hair bumps in a sleek ponytail then I’m just going to secure my hair with the elastic and a little trick, I like to do whenever, I rock a really tight ponytail is spray the bottom of my hair and baby pin up all my baby hairs because, I have. So many.

So make sure you do that part because it really completes the look taking a piece from my ponytail I’m just gonna wrap it around my elastic. So you don’t see it you don’t have to do this step but, I think it just really finishes off the look onto the third hairstyle, I am still wearing my luxy hair extension but I’m going to brush forward from the crown of my head forwards. So that I’m just working with the back part of my hair and this hairstyle is for someone who likes to try something different and what you do is just take some bobby pins and you’re going to crisscross them all the way around.

So it kind of creates a base going back to the front pieces of our hair we’re going to work in sections I’m just going to smooth out that section by brushing it and then spraying it with some hairspray and just making sure it falls really nicely and then again working in sections I’m going to spray my hair and then brush the rest of it back really slowly. So that, I like the placement of where it falls could totally just leave it here and rock your hair going all the way back it’s a really sleek celebrity esque look but I’m going to complete the look by taking a piece from one side twisting it and putting over the rest of my hair because my hair wouldn’t stay if, I just left it like that. So this just ensures that it will stay.

So, I like to just take the piece of hair and twist and clip it over and I’m going to do that on both sides. So that my hair doesn’t fall out personally, I like to take out some pieces to frame my face but if you want it to remain sleek and push back then you don’t have to do that this hairstyle is extremely glamorous and, I think it is perfect if you’re going to an event our party. So, I hope you guys enjoyed these hairstyles they’re very edgy and cool and something different to try especially if your dry shampoo runs out, I know it happens to me more than it should hopefully one of these hairstyles is suited towards you if you recreate any of these hairstyles don’t forget to hashtag luxy hair, I hope everyone has a wonderful day and week and we’ll see you guys in the next post bye Oh.

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