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Hi how are you doing today I’m gonna be showing you some really exciting hair ideas for the holidays, I can’t believe it’s the holidays already, I don’t know where the year flew by but we’re here and today I’m gonna be showing you some really super easy and glamorous hair ideas, I think holidays are for spending quality time with your family and not spending like hours and hours doing your hair today’s hair tutorial is gonna be on how to use some accessories to glamorize your holiday hair look and I’m already using my hair that is wavy very very slightly wavy really like, I have very loose twigs and I’m gonna be using three accessories one is gonna be a headband. So it’s really pretty headband, I got from accessorized I’m gonna be showing you how to accessorize some clips and a hair bow let’s begin alright the first look I’m going to show you is the look with the headband and it’s really really pretty and really easy to recreate and I’m already wearing my lucky hair extensions today, I just clipped them in they were already wavy. So, I don’t really bother to do much with them and the first thing I’m gonna do is split my hair right in the middle it’s kind of already parted in the middle but I’m gonna make it more precise.

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So I’m just gonna take a little brush go right in the middle and just part my hair and then what I’m gonna do with the rest of the hair is I’m gonna take the brush and brush it back what I’m gonna do next is just lift the hair at the crown take my teasing brush and just tease it up. So I’m just going up and down with my brush then I’m just gonna take the hair on the side and do the exact same thing this will just give it a little bit volume I’m not going for crazy volume just a little bit of umph here at the crown and a little bit here okay once I’m done teasing I’m just gonna go back with my brush and just very lightly brush through that poof, I love saying poo poo poo what I’m gonna do next is just place my head butt onto my hair just like that then I’m gonna grab a couple of bobby pins and I’m gonna bring some of this hair whatever the headband line starts. So I’m just gonna cover that.

So I’m going to take this hair bring it over the line. So we can’t see it and then bring the hair back twist it a little bit and then I’m just going to take my bobby pin and pin it in place and I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing on my left side. So I’m just gonna bring this hair back twist it as, I bring it back get the to meet together and then just take my bobby pin and pin it in place now I’m going to go back into this pouf with this fork that comes on the brush, I think they call it the fork, I call it the puffer and I’m just gonna lift up that tease a little more you can go ahead and spray it I’m going to be showing you two more loops.

So I’m not going to spray it but if, I was doing it for a night out of course, I was spread. So that you know it stays for the whole night and that’s the finished look doesn’t thing for the second hairstyle I’m gonna be using these beautiful clips they’re. So pretty, I just love them and, I think this is probably one of my favorite looks just in general it’s very Hollywood glam.

So what I’m gonna do is first part my hair and I’m gonna part it really deep here on my right side. So I’ll just bring the hair first on the side and then I’ll go in with my brush to just fix it up once. I’ve parted my hair what I’m gonna do is just bring all of this hair up and I’m being really careful because, I have clip in extensions here I’m wearing my locks ease.

So I’m just going really careful over those clips to make sure I’m not exposing them and then what I’m gonna do is, I have some hair wax here. So I’m just gonna dab my finger in it just bring up a little bit of the wax smooth it over the hair you can also use some hairspray again I’m just going to be showing you one more hairstyle. So, I don’t want to be using any hairspray in my hair but, I probably would definitely recommend using a hairspray as well and then what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna take my bobby pin and pin this hair in place.

So I’m just gonna slide a bobby pin just to be safe I’m gonna take one more bobby pin and go behind the first one okay now, I know this is safe and secure okay now I’m just gonna attach this clips usually these beautiful clips are really beautiful but their clips are really weak and they don’t actually hold the hair for that reason, I first go in and, I you know, I go in with the bobby pins and, I pin this hair and then, I just add this you know for fun. So what I’m gonna do now is just apply the first one just like that and then I’m gonna go with that next one and just go over it just like that and that’s it all right and for this last hairstyle I’m gonna be using this pretty gold bow it’s really really easy first thing we’re gonna do is I’m gonna take a section from my left I’m just gonna separate my bangs cuz, I prefer them to be more in my face then I’m gonna take the the other section behind the banks and I’m gonna start making a regular three strand braid when, I get to almost the end of the hair I’m gonna just grab my elastic and I’m gonna secure the ends of this braid with an elastic then I’m gonna go back into the braid and I’m gonna take sections of the braid and I’m gonna slowly pull them out as you can see this creates a really cool effect and makes the braid look much thicker now that I’m done with my left side I’m gonna go ahead and do the exact same thing onto my right side now I’m going to go into this braid and do the exact same thing I’m just gonna take sections of the braid and I’m gonna fan it out bye bye skinny braid alright when I’m happy with the results I’m gonna bring both of them back and I’m gonna turn around to show you what I’m gonna do in the back and now I’m gonna bring the two braids together in the back I’m gonna take my gold bow and I’m gonna pin them in place and that’s it. So these were three super-easy beautiful and glamorous hairstyles that you can do even if you don’t have time to do here because they will only take you minutes to do and, I think even if you’re staying home you should make yourself beautiful you should do your hair and you should dress up I’m gonna be staying home and I’m still gonna be doing it just because it makes me feel great and then, I can take some pictures on Instagram and post and you guys can see anyways, I wanted to take another second just to wish you happy holidays wherever you are in the world, I want to tell you that, I love you, I think New Year’s and holidays is a good time to kind of reflect on last year and set some new goals for the next year that’s what I’m gonna be doing and that’s what, I would recommend for you.

So let me know if there’s any dreams or goals that you want to achieve in the next year, I would love to hear from you also one more thing at the end of December probably December 27th or 28th I’m gonna be doing a live chat I’m gonna post all the details on my Instagram and Facebook fan page. So make sure not my Facebook fan page likes to hear a Facebook fan page I’m gonna link everything down below. So make sure that you follow us there because I’m gonna be giving directions and the exact time, I think it’s a good time to do it at the end of December because, I know a lot of you guys will be probably off work or maybe off school.

So, I can talk to more of you. So if you want to chat with me if you want to see me live then definitely make sure to follow all those directions and I’ll talk to you guys soon happy holidays love you bye hi guys hellooo today’s hair tutorial is going to today’s hair tutorial today’s hair tutorial in tutorial Dingle Dingle Dingle waiting on the roof ascent.

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