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So today, we’re going to talk about hair extensions. I wanted to go over some of the basics of extensions in general, and the way that I wear my extensions. I’m also going to be answering some questions that you guys asked me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So thanks to everybody who sent me questions, because that was super helpful with knowing what I needed to talk about. And I’m going to be answering those questions at the end of the Post. So, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, let’s get into it. To start off, when you start looking to buy hair extensions, you’re going to find a lot of new terms. So I wanted to just go over a couple with you really quick. First, you’re going to see wefts referred to.

A weft is really just this string of hair. This feels really weird to hold this. But if you can see that it’s not super duper thick, you can still see through it. But that’s generally what a weft is. The next term that you might hear when you’re looking around is Remy hair. Now, you’ll see human hair referred to, that seems pretty obvious. Remy hair, however, seems fairly ambiguous. But what it really means is that the cuticles of the hair are all aligned in the same direction. The cuticle of your hair is the outside portion, and it’s all these little shingles that lay on top of each other. And so, basically, whenever your hair is hanging all in the correct direction, you’ve got shingles that are laying like this. However, if the hair wasn’t aligned so they were all going in the right direction, if some hairs were upside down, they’d get locked together and then they’d start creating tangles. Then you multiply that by a couple hundred strands of hair and you’re going to end up with one balled up mess.

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And if you ever buy extensions or see people that have extensions with that problem, that’s usually what it is, is that it wasn’t all aligned correctly. So, Remy hair, pretty important. You might also find double drawn hair, which basically means that it goes through that process of sorting twice, so you get all the cuticles aligned, everything looks good, and then they go back and check their work and make sure everything really is A-OK. You’re going to see clips referred to. These are the clips that people are talking about. It’s just these little snap clips with teeth, and usually a little bit if silicone right here to help them grip. And they just go into the hair and snap closed. And then finally, you’ll see grams referred to a lot. And usually, the weight of the extension or the weight in grams that you see is meant to indicate about how thick each different set is. And it’s a little bit conditional upon how long each extension is. Like, if you buy a -inch long extension that weighs grams, it’s going to be a lot thinner than if you were to buy a -inch extension with grams.

That would be a lot thicker, so just keep in mind, any time you go a little bit longer, it’s going to get a little bit thinner. But usually, people are ordering within – inches and there’s not going to be a huge difference when it’s just that much. So while we’re on grams, let’s talk about the different weights. Because you’re going to see all these different weights referred to and it’s going to seem super confusing, so let me just sort it out for you. Usually, within the –gram extension range are going to be your fine or thin hair extensions. That is usually the smallest amount that a set is going to be, and usually, your extension companies are going to say that’s best for fine and thin hair. I agree with that if you’re going for length and a little bit of volume in fine thin hair, then that -gram amount is usually the right amount. But if you have medium hair, like medium thickness, and you just want a little bit more fullness, grams can be a great way to get that. Just don’t try to go any longer. If you want to go longer, and you have medium to thick hair, I would recommend in the – range. And I think that’s a good all-around standard to go for.

It’s going to really give you that extra volume no matter how thick your hair is, and it matches enough people’s actual volume that it will extend the length of your hair really naturally and really seamlessly. So, if you’re really just unsure, I really, really love the grams. And then, you can really get into the –gram range. And, typically, I refer to that as slightly excessive, but absolutely hair goals. It’s way over the top, you’re going to have all of this hair, but it looks amazing. So if you want to just walk around with super duper thick mermaid hair goals, that’s really what you’re going to go for. So those are all the basic terms. Let’s talk about some of my favorite extensions to wear, and what you usually see in my Posts. I’ve been wearing My Fantasy Hair Extensions for a really long time. A lot of you guys were asking what place I recommend to buy hair extensions from. I absolutely recommend them. They have a ton of different lengths.

You can buy -inch extensions all the way down to like -something inches extensions. They have tons of different thicknesses. You can even buy custom lengths, it’s really cool. And their customer service and their customer care is really great, and I have never gotten a “bad batch” of hair from them, ever. So, for those reasons, I really highly recommend them. So this set I have is grams. It’s their colossal set, and this is part of it, and the other part of it is in my hair right now. And you might be wondering, I just said grams is a lot. And I said grams is good for fine hair, which I consider myself to have. Well, I like to buy the super, super thick sets, and then only wear like of it at any given point, partially because that extends the life of the set, so you can wear half and once you wear that half out, start working on the other one. But also, when you buy these thicker sets, they’re typically what’s called triple- or double-wefted, which means they either have two or three wefts on one band. So instead of putting in three totally different clips that looks like this and taking up a ton of real estate on my head, I put in one.

So instead of buying a thin set, where all of these would be separate, and then you’d have to put three different ones on your head, you buy the thick set, and you only have to put one on your head. And when you have finer hair like I do, and you can’t wear extensions above here without them showing, that works really, really well. Because I can put in three clips like this, and it actually gives me the volume of an entire -gram set while only being three clips. So that’s the hair extensions that I have. I also wanted to show you how I typically wear them. So the first thing I do is make a massive U-shaped parting in the back of my head. And then, I’ll grab one of these longer clips, so this has four clips on it, which means that it’s one of the longer ones in the set. And I’m just going to take it and put it right along that U shape.

So now I’m going to do the same thing slightly higher up, and I’m basically going to place another set of extensions right over that. And now I’m going to use these two three-clip wefts, which means they’re slightly shorter than the four-clip weft I just used, but I’m going to layer them over each other a little bit so they’re going to reach from temple to temple. And you can see that I have colored these to match my hair a little bit more. I’ve been meaning to do that with the rest of the set for the last two years, but at least I have these two. And that is typically how I clip mine in. If you want a little bit of extra security, you can also tease the base of your roots where you’re trying to clip the hair in. Usually a good idea, but again, I can be a little bit lazy so sometimes, I just clip them in the way they are. But I like that because it gives your hair a nice natural taper, so it kind of gives layers to the extensions without actually cutting them, and is really easy to hide in half-up half-down hairstyles or like a braided hairstyle.

Alright, so now let’s get into some Q&A’s on hair extensions. First of all, Sarah Tingle on Instagram asks: I mean it’s totally up to you and your own preference. For me, I’ll wear them once or twice a week. Sometimes, if I haven’t had my hair cut in a while and I want to hide how bad my ends are, I’ll wear extensions. If I want a hairstyle to look really great and not have to put a ton of work into it, I’ll put in some extensions because the extra fullness just kind of adds that extra little touch. But you know, once or twice a week. I don’t wear them very often, but you can wear them every day if you want. Next, I got an absolute ton of questions on whether you can curl them, dye them, or use products on them. If you buy human hair extensions, the answer to all of those is yes. They work just like human hair.

So curling and using products, I would do the exact same thing like you do on human hair. Dying them, however, you need to know that they’ve been processed already, and you don’t know the hair’s history, so if you try to color it, things can go kind of crazy. So if you want a specific color on your extensions, I would recommend having a stylist do it, or at least really knowing your stuff before you try it. Okay, so next, Lynn Crohnholm, I think is how you say that, asks what color you should get. Should you go lighter or darker than your natural hair, or your actual hair color if they don’t have your exact color? The answer is always go lighter. Because I’m going to assume this is going to show up a lot in your ends, maybe because it’s thicker than your ends or longer than your ends. Your hair always gets lighter over time, because it’s exposed to the sun, wear and tear, all of that. So you always want to go lighter, because that way, it will blend more naturally. Also, if you get it and it’s lighter and you want to tone it slightly, or maybe you want to take it just a half step darker, that’s a lot easier to do. You can always go darker, you can almost never go lighter with hair extension hair. Then, this one was asked a lot, but KristenCamp asked this specifically. What about balayaged hair? So if you, kind of like me, have an ombre situation going on, how do you buy extensions? Well, I would say you have two options. You can either buy the lightest color of your hair, which is the set that I have, you guys just saw, so that it will match your ends.

And then you just have to do some finagling around the root area to make sure that light doesn’t poke through. Or, you can buy ombre hair extensions. They make those now, and so that can be a really great option to just make everything blend more smoothly. It doesn’t have to be the exact color of your hair. Once it’s all clipped in, it’s going to look great. And it will help to have that dark to light already in the extensions. You can also either color them yourself or have your colorist do it for you. But it’s not a necessary step when you can either buy the lightest color or an ombre extension set. And them GamingWithG asked how to choose the right color. And I just wanted to touch on this one more time. Any time you’re unsure of your color, most hair extension companies, and I know My Fantasy Hair will let you send in a picture of your hair and they’ll tell you what’s going to be best. And they’re very good at that usually. I’ve done this with several different companies, because when you’re blonde, there’s always , different options of blonde and you don’t know which one you are. So it’s really helpful.

You just send in your picture, they’ll help you out. And usually with extension companies, as long as you don’t actually use the hair and take it out of its packaging, you can send it back. So if you order it and it really looks wrong, you can send it back. My final question comes from Abby Miore? Moore, mee-yor, I don’t know. She asked what about curly hair, what do you do if your hair is naturally curly or wavy? And a lot of people actually asked this. Like, what if your hair is somewhat unruly? What if it is more curled or waved? Do you have to fully wrangle your hair into submission before you put in extensions? So the answer is yes and no, and I’m going to try to flesh this out for you. So a lot of extensions are from Indian descent, which means that a lot of them do have a subtle wave to them, and can be a little bit more pillowy, like natural hair is. So if your hair sounds like it fits in that category, you can let the hair extensions air dry normally and maybe just slightly give your hair a little bit of serum to tame it. And that’ll help you to meet in the middle.

But if you actually have curly or wavy hair, you can either curl normal, straight hair extensions into a more curly shape to match your curl pattern, or you can buy hair extensions that are curly and wavy. I actually did a little research after reading these questions, and I found two extension companies that sound really great. There’s Bella Curls and Curly Clips. And they both have great reviews, they both look like they have amazing hair, and you can pick all these different kinds of curl textures. So you can pick little tiny kinky, coily curls, or more loose waves. And I think that could be a great option for those of you guys who love rocking your natural texture, but still want to be able to augment it a little bit. So check those out if you’re interested in some extensions that are meant for curly- and wavy-haired girls. And that is it for my info on hair extensions. I hope this helped you guys with your basic understanding of hair extensions. If you guys want more detailed Posts, or I don’t know, want to know more about extensions, leave it in the comments below. I’d love to hear more about what you want to learn, so that I can make Posts for you that you can learn from. So, that is it for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for more hair tutorials for everyday, and come back on Saturday for my next hair tutorial. I’ll see you then!

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