3 Quick and Easy Spring Braids Hair Tutorial

That it’s officially spring I wanted to do three really easy springtime braids I am so about celebrating springtime and all the happy gorillas feelings that come along with it so I wanted to show you guys how to get these three easy braids let’s get started now these hairstyles will look good on any hair texture you want whether it’s straight wavy curly anything will look good if you want to know how I got the texture that I’m using in this post I use the third method from my 5 minute curls post which I will link below and I used a one inch curling iron for my hair we’re going to start with hairstyle number one which is just a nice lace braid you’re going to start out by picking a section of hair from right next to your hairline and then you’re going to split it into three and begin braiding underneath the middle section of hair this creates the 3d look of the braid then we’re going to add in hair like you would do in a French braid but only from the top so when you are about to braid over your top section pick up a new piece of hair and braid it in then on the bottom just braid your hair normally then do the same thing on the top just pick up a new piece of hair join that with your braiding section and then braid it under then on the bottom you’re just going to braid normally so it’s kind of nice for those of you guys that don’t like to French or Dutch braid because you really only have to do it on one side of the braid instead of both and for some reason in my mind that’s a lot easier so you’re just going to do this until you get just a little bit past your part and then you’re going to braid the rest of the hair normally securing the end of the hair with an elastic now that the braid is done I’m going to loosen everything up by massaging the braid and pulling on it just a little bit as.

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I do that you can add in a little bit of texturizing powder to get even more volume if you want to do that but once the massaging is done this hairstyle is complete it’s very simple just a nice little lace braid and you’ve got this amazing hairstyle that you can wear out for daytime or nighttime and now it’s time for hairstyle number two this one is basically just a French braid but it’s got a little something different we’re going to start off by taking a section from the crown area of your hair splitting it into three and getting your normal braid started then we’re going to add in here like you would with a French braid but the difference is that we’re going to take care just from the front hairline.

So I’m going to show you just this little section right here on this side and this little section on the other side this helps the braid to look just a little bit different and I actually think it’s a little easier than the normal French braid so pick up your section of hair from right next to your hairline and then braid that in then do the same thing on the other side it’s pretty easy and you can see as I go through that it makes it look a little bit more PC and a little bit more interesting and romantic than it would otherwise so you’re just going to continue doing this taking sections from right next to your hairline and bringing them in because this is just a half updo I’m just going to braid until all the hair from over my ears is into the French braid once all the hair from over my ears is into the French braid I’m just going to braid the rest of the hair normally and now that the braid is done I’m just going to secure the end with a clear elastic then I’m gently pulling on the braid I want this to be a little bit more soft than the last braid so you can see I’m gently pulling just a couple of times on each piece of the braid but that’s it because I wanted to remain soft and very romantic looking to finish it off I’m just going to pull out a couple little layers around my face.

Because I’d like to have something framing my face you can leave your bangs down if you have some pull any layers down if you want to or just skip this step entirely once that’s done your hairstyle is complete I love this one because it’s so romantic and you could wear it for so many different things I mean it’s totally everyday but I think this would be really pretty prom hairstyle too and now we have the final hairstyle this one requires no French braiding at all so we’re going to take a section from right behind slash underneath your ear and pull that forward then throw the rest of your hair back over your shoulder then do the same thing on the other side and now we’re going to braid both of these sections I’m doing a rope braid for this but you can do any brave you want I’m going to split my hair in half and you’re going to twist it in one direction and then wrap it in the other so I’m twisting it to the right and then wrapping it to the left so now that I’ve twisted it I’m just going to go ahead and wrap it in the opposite direction doing it in opposite directions means that it will hold its rope shape even when you’re done if your falls apart it means that maybe you didn’t wrap them in opposite directions like you thought you did so then once.

I get to the end of this I’m actually just going to use a little bobby pin to hold my place because we’re going to be pinning these later although you might find it easier to use a clear elastic totally up to you at this point now we’re going to braid the other side and I’m going to do the exact same thing twist it in one direction and then wrap it in the other all the way down my hair and then secure it with a bobby pin at the end now that both braids are done it’s time to wrap them over our head so you’re going to bring your hair back forward over your shoulder then split it right over where the braid is kind of like opening a door bring the braid through that little door if you will and then wrap it over the top of your head once you’ve got it there just use a couple of bobby pins to hold it in place make sure that it’s not going anywhere now we’re going to do the same thing on the other side so bring that hair forward over your shoulder split.

It open like a door over the braid and bring that braid through the door then you’re just going to wrap the braid over your head just like we did before you can choose to bring this braid either in front or behind of the braid that we already pinned I’m doing mine in front just like so then I’m going to put a couple of pins to make sure that everything is nice and secure and then we’re going to hide those in so that they’re not sticking out awkwardly for that you’re just going to tuck the ends underneath the other braid and you can see that hides them magically and all you have to do is add in a couple of bobby pins and everything is good to go I’m also going to do the same thing on the other side make sure that those ends are just underneath the other braids and pin everything in place until it’s all hidden and you can see my ends were being a little bit stubborn but with a little bit of extra work they hid nicely so that’s it for this hairstyle I like it because it’s very sweet and bohemian at the same time and it just makes me feel happy when I wear it and that’s it for my three easy springtime braids I hope you guys like these tell me in the comments which is your favorite and if you end up trying these out definitely make sure to send me pictures on social media using the hashtag Kaley Melissa I always love seeing your recreations it really does just make my day so I love you guys very much and I will see you guys in the next post well I you.

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