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We were yawn here we were free and running I recently went traveling with my family and it inspired me to make a travel hairstyles video I wanted to show you guys what to wear to the airport and then maybe some things you can wear once you get to your destination I also really tried to pack light this time and use really minimal products so I’m going to show you guys a little bit of that too because spring break is coming up and you want to have cute hair but you don’t want to bring like everything with you so here we go for styling products I always bring something to smooth which is usually my Moroccan oil treatment light because it’s great for detangling it adds shine and adds smoothness then I always bring something to texturize this time I brought some sea salt spray to add a little bit more beachy texture to my hair and finally I brought dry shampoo for obvious reasons and then that’s all the styling products.

I bring it’s really easy and can definitely go through security for tools I packed light by bringing this t single pass compact flatiron and this works just as well as a full sized flat iron but it’s tiny and it also has this heat resistant cap so you can pop it on while the iron’s hot and it can go right into your suitcase sticking with the compact tools I also brought this t hairdryer which is compact but still very powerful it also has a folding handle so it’s very easy to just stick in your suitcase so you have more room for clothes my final travel secret is the straight pin Studios essential kit I love this it has all the bobby pins and hair pins and elastics you can need and it’s tiny you could actually even fit it in your purse and that’s all I’m using to style my hair which for me is awesome so now on to the airport hair I have second or third day hair almost all the time when I go to the airport because I run out of time I pack at the last minute.

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So I like to throw in a little bit of dry shampoo and massage that in that way I can get rid of any oiliness before I do my hair ok so starting with my hair parted on the side and picking up a section right next to my part and braiding under a couple times to get it started then I’m going to pick up hair from the top and braid it in but on the underside I’m just going to braid normally so then again picking up more hair on top I’m going to braid it in and then on the bottom I’m going to braid normally and I’m going to start working my way around so that the braid ends up close to the top of my head so that I can make a ponytail that’s kind of high up now just take a break and massage the braid a little bit to go ahead and get it nice and big and statement D and it will also help to kind of back from any dirtiness that might be around your root area people will be staring at your braids said at your root anyway then you can go ahead and braid the rest of the hair and then once you get to the end of that you can go ahead and pull that apart as well to get it as big as possible and finish off by securing the end with an elastic now sweep the rest of the hair up and into a high ponytail as high as you can and then secure that with an elastic as well finally wrap the rest of your braids around your ponytail and once you get to the end tuck the ends underneath the braid so that they go with the rest of your ponytail my hands are totally in the way for this but just tuck that end all the way through.

So it flows with your ponytail then you’re going to grab a clear elastic and you’re going to put that right around the base of your ponytail that way it holds the end from the braid so you can secure that braided wrap without a bobby pin so that your hair does not set off the alarm at security because that has happened to me and it’s a little embarrassing so there you go there is our totally Airport appropriate hairstyle now let’s move on to some beachy curls so after I finally washed my hair I dried it with the t compact dryer and this thing dried my hair ridiculously fast especially given how small it is it also did a good job of preventing frizz because it has the same technology that all ts dryers do once my hair was dry.

I was ready to curl it I created the curls with my flat iron just by clamping it down and turning it a full degrees and then sliding it down my hair and that creates a curl so when you take it off you’ll see that your hair kind of looks curled and you want to just coax it around so that it looks like a nice pretty ringlets so again I just flipped it all the way around and just slid it down my hair you want to go a little bit slowly so that you can make sure to get a nice curl on the hair and then once you release it just kind of twist it around and you can see the curl you like these curls worked out really well even though this iron is tiny it has really even heat distribution across the plates so that even with it being a little bit small it worked really well to create these curls so just keep going until all your hair is curled and then we’re going to add in a little bit of sea salt spray for texture I felt like I’m at the beach I want like the most textured beachy looking curls I can get so I sprayed my hair and tousled it with my fingers and then.

I went over any areas that looked a little bit too curly for me just lightly with the flat iron and then that was it that is my beachy curls with a travel-size flat iron I love that I love that I don’t have to bring a whole curling iron just to get this and finally we have this braided half updo which I decided to do on straight hair because you guys have been asking for that I did run my Flatiron over kind of my roots at the nape of my neck because they’re a little wavy and right over my ear so I did that really quick just to get everything nice and ready and nice and straight and shiny and now we’re ready to go you can part your hair wherever you like mine is slightly to the side and now you’re going to pick up a small section of hair from the front and you’re going to braid that all the way down and then secure that with an elastic at the end we’re going to be making two braids on each side of our head so four in total so this is number one and then for number two you’re going to pick up a section of hair that’s right underneath the section we just braided you’re going to braid all the way down that section as well and once you reach the end go ahead and secure it with an elastic now you just have to do the same thing on the other side so take a section from the top front of your hair braid it all the way down and secure it with an elastic then do the same thing to the section just below it and once you have all those braids done.

It’s time to bring it all together by taking one section in the very back of your head and starting to braid that you’re going to braid about three or four inches and then you’re going to start braiding in the raised we just did so many braids so pick up one of your top sections and then put that with one of the pieces you’re about to braid then you’re going to go ahead and braid that in and then do the same thing on the other side so pick up a top section incorporate it with one of the sections you’re braiding and braid it in do you think.

I could say braids one more time because I think I just set it like a bazillion times anyway guess what now you’re going to do some more braiding you’re going to braid three to four more inches so that you have some space in between the braids and then you’re going to braid in the bottom sections so after you got that ready go ahead and pick up one of the pieces of hair incorporate that with your section and braid it in and do the same thing on the other side and now all you have to do is braid the rest of the hair that you have normally until you reach kind of the bottom of your hair or at least until you’re tired of braiding and then you can go ahead and secure it with an elastic the final thing I did was to pull apart the braid a little bit just the center braid not to make it more voluminous but just make it look a little bit less perfect and a little bit more lived-in and that’s it for this hairstyle I love that it’s just five braids put together but it looks really really cool also with the compact tools that I use caught your eye there’s a link in the description box where you can enter to win your own set of compact travel tools so click that and enter and that’s it for this video I hope you liked it it was a little bit more vlog e than usual but I kind of liked it and I hope you guys did too be sure to subscribe if you haven’t and I’ll see you in my next video well bye.

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