4-Strand 3D Round Chain Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Hey Everybody today I’m going to use my sister Sam again. And I’m going to show you how to do a four strand braid and it looks complicated.

But it’s actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. So. Because this is a four strand braid. I’m going to divide the hair into four equal parts. So here’s one two and three. So it should look like this, fix it a bit. So four equal parts like.

4-Strand 3D Round Chain Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So and what you want to do next is you want to focus on the two middle ones right here and leave the other two on the outer sides alone for now and what you’re going to do first is you’re going to flip this over that one. So after I flip it. I’m going to actually hold this. And I’m going to use this hand. And I’m going to grab the hair on the outer corner.

And. I’m going to put it over this strand and now. I’m going to let go of that and now these two are now the two middle strands. And I’m going to hold it. And I’m going to get my hand and this time.

I’m going to reach on the outer corner. Because we’re taking turns. And I’m going to wrap it over that like. So then. I’m going to let go of this and now as you can see this is now two in the middle. I’m just going to grab the one from the other side and wrap it over let go of that.

So that’s the two on the other. So you should always end up with two strands on the outside and two in the middle which is the focus and now. I’m going to just grab my hand again and wrap it over this once again grab it from the outer corner wrap it towards the middle. And I’m going to continue to do this and once you get the hang of it it you can do it really fast that calm doing it right now just gonna move my camera down just like. So and when you get to the very end just grab an elastic and tie it okay folks. So this is the four strand braid as you can see it’s different from a three strand braid.

Because it’s not flat just actually three-dimensional like this, and it looks like a rope it’s really pretty I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. And I’ll talk to you soon peace out.

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