4 Strand Lace Braid Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone Kate we here so first let’s acknowledge the obvious my hair is later I finally got my color touched up so yes I got all the same stuff done that I did before I will link that video below if you want to know about my hair color all in the description box that being said let’s talk about today’s tutorial is on this horse Tran lace braid I was inspired by a picture that I saw on Instagram I will link it below it was just beautiful and I’ve been wanting to do more intricate braids on my channel I asked you guys on Twitter if you would be interested in taht.

I got a resounding yes so this is my first of my kind of intricate braid tutorials and I want to see if you guys like it so be sure to comment below if you are into that and if you would like to see more of them that being said I think we should start learning how to do this braid so this braid is done on one side of your head and the way that I chose to balance that is by doing a side part but you could make it work with the middle part especially if you have bangs it could be cute to have like one asymmetrical side and then once.

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I hanging down and having your bangs but for most of you guys I think the side parts gonna work really well so to get yourself started you’re gonna want this side of your hair over your shoulder the rest of your hair behind you and we’re gonna pick up the section of hair that we’re gonna start our braid with so that’s coming from right here next to your part you’re gonna split that into four sections because this is a four strand braid okay so now we’ve got this I’m gonna break this down into five steps and that might sound a little complicated but follow me it’s not that bad you’re gonna start with this one back here you’re gonna go step one under the section next to it step two over the section next to that alright for step three.

You’re gonna change to the side that’s next to your face I’m gonna go over the section right next to it and then step four under the section right next to that step five is the fun part you’re gonna pick up a little bit more hair from the outside and bring it in to your outside section and then you start over step one go under step two over and then in step three you change back to this side I’m gonna go over step four under and then step five we’re gonna pull in some more hair so there you go that’s the basics of it the way that I always think of it when I’m doing it so that it doesn’t get too crazy is I think under over over under if you keep repeating that to yourself while you’re doing it it’s actually surprisingly easy to keep your place okay so once you’ve got that under control and you’re ready to start getting a little bit more advanced you can start thinking about these pieces that you’re bringing in from this side because you want them to kind of make this like kind of diagonal shape coming towards the braid.

Which means that you want to be picking up sections that are just a little bit higher than the place where you’re braiding this is just if you want to get advanced by the way if you are just trying to get the motions of this braid don’t worry about this part so I’m taking this section and this section is from right here which is much higher than where I’m braiding so I’m gonna pull that back incorporate it and then braid it in and then I should have a line that comes down nicely like this and helps to frame the braid and then I’m just gonna finish out the rest so in addition to making sure that the place I take care from is higher than where I’m braiding.

I’m also making sure that I’m getting closer and closer to this side of my head so these pieces are actually kind of radiating out here so it makes this really cool almost like rainbow arced effect so the last piece I took was from about right here so I’m gonna go like I said closer to my face pull that around and incorporate that in with the braid I’ve used up all the hair from up here so I’m going to start going a little bit lower which is okay because this is also getting a little bit lower as well also when we go and pull this apart later all of this is going to kind of relax and expand vertically so this will even be lower once we finally kind of finish everything off so I’m going to go ahead and take from here pull this back under over over under.

I literally say that to myself every time I do this braid so I’m basically gonna go until I have all the hair from this site out of the way so that it’s just kind of like a one-sided hairstyle so let’s pick up some from over here put that with your section and braid it in okay so at this point I like how much hair I have in the braid I like how much hair I have left out so I’m gonna finish off the rest of this hair was just a normal four strand braid and that’s just the first four steps basically you’re just gonna do the under over over-under thing over and over again until you reach almost the end of your hair and now I’m going to kind of go a little bit farther down than the end of the braid is and put an elastic on it and now as you can imagine.

I’m going to pull this apart so to do that you’re just gonna take the little bumps of the braid that are on the outside and just kind of pull a massage and I find that gets me a lot of volume it looks like them pulled apart but you don’t end up like destroying the braid by like pulling it too much and that is the hairstyle you’ve got this nice little four strand braid we’ve got the haircut skating backing into it you can totally do this on straight hair you can do it on lightly curled hair it could look cool like really curly hair like a super bohemian hairstyle totally works hope you guys like this video let me know if you like this style where I’m actually like talking you through it instead of voiceover in it I just thought really fun to get to talk through it and maybe give you guys a little bit more information than I can in just a typical voiceover format so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in my next one huh bye.

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