4-Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, I’ll be showing you how to do the four strand slide up braid, if you already watched my previous tutorial on the unique four strand braid then this hairstyle will be a breeze for you.

Because it uses the same braiding technique. So let’s start as always brush your hair and make sure it’s all smooth make a horizontal part at the top of your head and divide it into four equal sections now that I have four equal sections. I’m going to label the leftmost strand outer and the rightmost strand inner. So start off with the inner strand take it and place it underneath the neighbours strand and then over the next one now. I’m going to go to the outer strand place it over the neighbours strand and underneath the other one then again go back to the inner strand place it under and over then you want to go back to the outer strand place it over the next strand and then under. So basically you want to start at the right side and go under and over then go to the right side and go over and under and just repeat the exact same thing I know this might be a bit hard to see. Because the strands are small.

4-Strand Slide-Up Braid Hairstyle Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So, if you want to you can click on that post on the top left and it’s basically the exact same thing done on larger chunks of hair you’ll definitely get a clearer view of what. I’m doing alright. So I’m down to the last one go under and over then over and under and you want to stop right here now take the second strand from the left and it has to be this strand separate the other three strands from this strand and slide the three strands up this sliding technique will only work, if you hold down the second strand. Because this is the Strand that runs straight down the middle of the braid when you have your braids bunched up at the top you want to gently spread them apart to your liking and then tie it off with an elastic band. So here’s the result of the fourth strand slight upgrade.

I think it looks really intricate and it’s definitely really pretty and unique, if you have medium length hair you can leave it like this, or you can take a bobby pin or a clip and just clip it to the back and, if you have long hair another thing you can do is start a vertical part near the front of your face divide it into four sections and do the four strand braid slide it up spread it apart and tie it off with an elastic band then you want to do the exact same thing on the other side when you have your two braids bring them to the back of your head and tie them together and, if you want to control the rest of your hair and create some feature waves I think it will give this hairstyle a really cute full whole life anyways I hope you enjoyed this tutorial let me know, if you would ever give it a try and thanks so much for reading bye comment to my blog to be notified of new posts and don’t forget to check out my other hair tutorials.

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