5 Best Soaps for Women

Your shower gel has some competition. The new, not-so-basic bars can purge pores, brighten skin, reduce stress, and even wash hair.

1GET A SMOOTHER, HIS-AND-HERS SHAVE Molton Brown Moisturerich Aloe & Karité Ultrabar ($22; moltonbrown.com) creates a foamy, lightweight lather and doubles as a shaving cream. Plus, your man will appreciate the luscious, woody scent.

2JUST RELAX Earth Therapeutics Anti-Stress Soap ($5; earththerapeutics .net) is the perfect post-workout soap: It has wide, circular nubs that massage tense muscles, while the lavender and chamomile scent helps your mind chill.

3STRENGTHEN YOUR HAIR On wet hair, rub Lush Solid Shampoo in Braziliant ($10; lushusa.com) around the scalp and work into a lather. It’s loaded with conditioning oils to keep hair strong and silky, and the orange scent makes it a crisp pick-me-up.

4FEEL REFRESHED Like a just-cut slice of cucumber, Soapology NYC Cucumber Soap Bar ($6.50; soapology nyc.com) smells as cool 5BRIGHTEN UP The creamy Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Pearl Soap ($60; chanel.com) is packed with pearl extract, which counteracts dullness so skin looks luminous.

6BANISH BLACKHEADS Charcoal is a powerful purifier that absorbs pollutants, dirt, and oils. It’s what gives the Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar ($6.50; drugstores) its deep anthracite hue and its pore-clearing power.

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