5 The Best Valentine’S Day Gifts Ideas

For the best Valentine's Day gifts for him

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Lipidol After-Shave Oil, R79. 95

Fragranced with natural Petitgrain essential oil, it will nourish and condition his freshly shaved skin.

Best Buys.

(for him & you)

In the month of love, spoil your special one (and yourself) with gifts you'll enjoy giving, and receiving


I am as delicate as a daisy chain and as enchanting and beautiful as a summer sky. I am floral and fruity and on the right side of sweet; I am optimistic and energetic and I love life. I'm all about dreams believe in yours!


Although I have big shoes to fill, following on from my successful sister Daisy, and cousins Lola, Honey and Dot, I manage to stand out on my own, thanks to my interesting composition and my dreamy flacon.

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However, we all have one thing in common we're fine fragrances created with the utmost attention to detail.


I am a delight for the eyes, with my pale blue juice, and daisy chains are laced all over the top of my glass flacon.

My silver cap is also beautifully adorned with daisies.

Just looking at me will put a smile on your face.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, R770 for 30ml.


I am a floral-fruity fragrance that is sweet, sensual and dreamy. My top notes are ethereal with blackberry, fresh grapefruit and succulent pear, which add playfulness. I have a feminine heart of jasmine, lychee and blue wisteria, which keeps me youthful, yet sophisticated. And my dreamy base consists of white woods, musks and coconut water.


From the mouth of my creator himself: ËAs with the original Daisy, it all goes back to my favourite literary character Daisy Buchanan, from The Great Gatsby. She evokes a spirit of beauty, innocence and youth but Daisy Dream adds a dose of sophistication to this.

It's like a more ethereal, more grown-up version of the original Daisy.


A printed summer dress, leather sandals, a big smile and an optimistic attitude.

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