5 Different Ways to Wear Bangs

Hi everyone how are you today I’ll be show you five different ways to wear your bangs if you have bangs like myself you’ll probably know that it kind of get boring it kind of gets boring to just wear them you know straight every day. So every once in a while you just want to spice things up and do something different to them and different to your you know whole look. So, I will start with the first one which is the most simple one and one of the obvious ways to wear your benning’s is just to wear them straight, I got asked a lot of times how do, I stop my bangs.

So I’ll show you right now how I. So for this first look in order to just style your bank straight with a bit of volume, I don’t, I prefer not to use a straightener because when, I just straightening my bags banks with a flat iron it looks a little too straight for me, I don’t know, I personally don’t like that. So, I use this cute little brush ceramic brush that you can get an eighty beauty supply store you just ask them for a smaller version usually they come a little bigger and that’s for blow-drying here this one is really great for just styling your bangs.

So I’m just gonna use this brush and I’m gonna use the blow dryer and I’m using my Elgin blow dryer. So styling them straight is really simple all, I do is just grab the brush put my hair on the brush and start blow drying and I’ll just show you how, I do it although there it is straight but you know the technique is still the same and they come out really nice and silky and shiny and straight and at the same time they’re not too flat on my face and, I really really like that. So that’s the first and the most obvious way is to just wear them straight another simple way to wear your bangs is just to grab this whole section and start braiding it to the side and I’ll show you how to do that.

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So you just grab all this hair and then you’ll just split the hair in three sections. So it’s kind of a French braid, I guess. So you just split it in three, I start breathing it away from the face then it’s really simple really basic but makes things very different and then what you want to do is just secure that with a bobby pin and then push the hair over and, I have baby hairs everywhere but you know that’s fine.

So you can do something like this if you don’t want to fuss with the braids what you could do is just grab the banks and start twisting it to the side. So I’m gonna show you how to do it right now. So you just grab the bangs and then you just start twisting twisting it away from your face and grabbing more hair from the side.

So just twist it into the hair and then you’ll just need a bobby pin to just secure it down. So it doesn’t stick out and then you’ll take the hair and push it over to cover that. So it’s very simple and cute when you’re really tired of your bangs and you can’t see them in your face anymore what you can do is just push them on the side and you could just push it over but it’s usually not gonna look that nice you know you would want to style it over.

So again you would use the same kind of brush that, I use for straightening the banks and it’s just a simple ceramic brush really good for styling bangs it’s really good. So you’ll just grab the section and you would either smile it inwards or outwards, I usually just style it out and again you’ll grab the blow dryer put it on and now you just wait till it cools off on the brush and then you let it out and you’ll have a side banks get very simple makes you look very different and you don’t have any more banks at least for that day and the last simple way to where your banks isn’t a nice little poof here on top. So what we’re gonna do is start teasing the hair upwards and away from the face and I’ll show you how to do right now.

So you’ll just grab the first layer of your bangs and you’ll need a hair spray I’m using unlit L’Oreal hair spray and Amelia teasing comb I’m using just rat tail comb because it’s just a smaller brush it’s very precise it makes it easier. So what you’ll do is just spray the hair and start choosing it choosing it down and then you’ll grab another section and you’ll do the same you’ll just spray the hair and you’ll tease it up looks very funny and keep doing the same with the rest of the hair just spray it and tease it push the brush down and the last bit of hair. So this is kind of what we have and now we have to just smooth it all out as well as tease it.

So you just want to kind of brush it out and grab that section kind of push it forward and take a bobby pin and just pin it right there and then take another one and pin it as well then you want to just adjust it once you’re done that you wanted to spray that with a hair spray. So it doesn’t fly away or anything lotsa lotsa hairspray and you have like a little poof here your bangs have disappeared and you have a little poof which looks really cute voila it’s kind of cute, I personally don’t wear my hair like this a lot because, I have a lot of baby hairs which I’m kind of cautious about but if you don’t have baby hairs then most girls don’t you’ll be fine this will probably look really cute on you and it’s very easy you know just teasing it away from the face and upwards and just using a few bobby pins that’s all. So that’s really it guys thank you.

So much for reading, I hope this tutorial kind of helped you to see that there’s. So many ways that you can wear your bangs and if you have another way that, I haven’t showed today please to share with me, I would love to try it out and maybe share it with our commentrs thank you. So much again for reading and I’ll see you guys soon I.

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