5 Do’s and Don’t Every Gel Nail Addict Needs To Know!

Gel nails are the biggest thing that has happened to the beauty industry in years. They are beautiful, fast, and last for days and days without needing attention.

Gel nails can be done at home after a little self-training. If you are a nail enthusiast, your world just changed. They are that good.

Once you have successfully given yourself a gel nail manicure at home, you will be hooked. Every color of the rainbow is at your disposal. Your mind goes to all of those expensive treatments that you now able to change the color of your nails without paying a high price to do it.

There are some things you need to know. We are going to list the 5 biggest and best DY tips that we found and tried ourselves.

5 Do’s and Don’t Every Gel Nail Addict Needs To Know! Photo Gallery

5- Dos for the gel nail addict


DO your research

Do not assume that all gel nail kits are the same. They are not. Use your computer to learn how to apply and remove gel nails. Watch YouTube videos and see how it is done. This is very important. Your goal is having nails that last and look beautiful. If not done properly, you will not hit those goals.


DO have everything ready before you begin. This means the UV/light plugged in and positioned to be used. Also, you will need:

  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Acetone
  • Basecoat
  • Color
  • Top coat
  • Lint-free cotton pads
  • A paper towel (in case you spill something)
  • Cuticle cream


DO use pure acetone. This can be purchased at the beauty supply store.


DO prep your nails properly. This is not a suggestion. It is critical in order to get a good gel manicure. The nails must be clean, smooth, and dry for the gel to properly set.


DO use a brush to remove nail dust or debris that could ruin your nail (like the acetone soaked cotton pad) from your work area before you begin to apply your primer. Keep a little alcohol in a tiny dish to remove smudges on the fingers before you place the wet nails under the light.


Gel nails are worth every cent you pay. The price you spend for a quality kit is less than what you spend for a couple of months at a nail shop. Read about them. Watch videos and visit a few gel nail blogs to get real and honest reviews. You will pick up more tips along the way.


If you were not a gel nail addict before, give it a try and you soon will be.



5 – Donts For The Gel Nail Addict


DO NOT assume gel nails are like traditional nail polish, it is not. You must use gel nail polish. Your UV light kit usually comes with the base coat, top coat, and a couple of colors. If you want additional colors, order them or buy them where you bought your kit.


Note: Some people say you can use any brand gel nail polish and get the results you are looking for. Our opinion is, you get what you pay for.


DO NOT skip steps!

There is not one item in your gel nail kit that is not important to the integrity of the process. Your nails must be prepped, your nails must be smooth, dry, and dust free.


Your base coat is needed to make the gel stick. The top coat gives you the shine you want and the longevity of the manicure. Your cuticles must be prepared as this is an important part of the removal of polish.


DO NOT peel your gel polish off when you want to change colors. This is so tempting because it is faster than soaking. But it will damage your nail. You may think that is no big deal, but when you peel the polish off, it sometimes pulls off pieces of your nail. You then have to buff the nail until it is smooth. In essence, you have to remove enough of your nail to make it smooth again.


DO NOT try painting your nails in a thick coat them drying them. Paint a light coat of gel nail polish and dry. Then add a second coat of gel nail polish and then dry. Finally, use your top coat and then dry. (if you are really hard on your nails, you may want two top coats).


DO NOT let the gel polish touch your skin. If you get a smudge on your skin, remove it before you dry them with the light. If you do not, the gel on your skin will dry and when it dries, it begins to lift. It will lift the gel on the nail with it. You will substantially cut the time the nails should last.

Who is doing it?

Brides and bridesmaids get gel nails a week or so before the wedding so they can save money and not have to squeeze in another last minute appointment.


Dancing is a very expensive career or sport. Dancers consider their gel nails as part of their stage attire. This is why they use gel nails. They must look flawless on a budget.


Typist, moms (who always seem to be cleaning something), businesswomen, and college kids that want to look great but have little time (or money) for trips to the manicurist. Just follow these steps and be gorgeous.

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