5 Easy Hair Hacks

Today I’m going to be showing you five hair hacks this post is actually a collaboration with my friend rachel from rachhloves I’m doing hair hacks she’s doing Beauty hats and she does amazing beauty and lifestyle stuff if you’re not subscribed to her fixture like I go subscribe to her now because she’s incredible but second of all she actually got to launch a web series recently and I was so excited for her it’s called get ready with Rachel it’s a makeover show all about getting people ready for special events in their lives and she actually had maybe a special guest I got to fly out to Canada and built with her I got to do the hair makeover for one of the episodes which actually aired today so you can look at it in the description box you can click on it and go see it at this one that I’m filming it I haven’t seen it yet so I’m hoping that it looks great um it was so exciting and it was an amazing experience for me.

I hope I get to do more stuff like that in the future so definitely check that out if you do Rachel’s doing a giveaway for anybody that watches it and so if you want to enter the giveaway make sure to check out her beauty hacks post and she has all the info there okay let’s go ahead and get started with the hair acts so a hack is basically a cheat it’s a way to make something that’s really really difficult really really easy and that’s what I’m all about on my channel so hopefully you learn hair hacks from me everyday through my posts but I have a couple that I just haven’t been able to squeeze in anywhere so I decided to pull them all together today and teach them to you now so hopefully you guys will enjoy this these are things that I use in my life on a daily to weekly basis and think really do just change everything for me so that said let’s get started number one you can change your normal shampoo into a clarifying shampoo just by adding baking soda now when I first heard this trick back in cosmetology school I was like yeah.

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But I already own a clarifying shampoo so why would I a normal and and baking soda and so I completely showed that to the back of my brain and did not touch it until a couple weeks ago now you guys have been asking me to try out some DIY haircare and tell you guys what I think so I have been doing that and I have discovered in that process that I love baking soda it’s a really weird obsession to love to have but I have it basically the reason I love it is because it very very mildly and extremely delicately exfoliates because the little granules of baking soda remain intact when you mix them with the shampoo when you go to massage your hair with your shampoo and it has baking soda in it it actually helps to exfoliate your scalp a lot of people forget that your scalp is the garden from which your hair grows so if you want healthy hair you need a healthy scalp and I have found that this has helped my scalp to be so much happier.

So I’m all about it I’m all about that baking soda it made my hair squeaky clean my hair felt like fresh from the salon fresh from getting and colored like amazing baby virgin hair it was awesome totally recommended don’t forget if you’re dealing with a dry or itchy or dandruff a scalp a great way to actually treat that is they’re using coconut oil coconut oil is great because first of all it actually moisturizes and penetrates the hair more than almost any other oil so it’s going to do great things for your hair it moisturizes your scalp so it fixes the dryness and probably the itchiness it’s also antifungal and gross I know dandruff is a fungal infection the things you learn about in cosmetology school let me tell you I would recommend it for more mild to moderate cases of dandruff if you’re dealing with severe stuff that’s probably something that you need to see a professional about but I dealt with itchiness and dryness in my scalp so much over the past year and one of the biggest things that’s helped me is coconut oil basically you just stick it into your hands and rub it to the adults and then you just use your fingers to massage it into your scalp and I just massage it all around my scalp until it’s just completely saturated and then I actually like to put it in the ends of my hair as well that it penetrates your hair better than any other oil so it does amazing things for my hair I’ll put it through the ends braid my hair end up in a bandana over everything because it’s a big oily mess at that point sleep on it in the morning.

I double shampoo to get it out so shampoo rinse shampoo rinse my hair feels amazing my scalp feels so much better and it’s a lot shinier more moisturized and healthy for my scalp also feels amazing as well number 3 bobby heads i’m just going to throw a bunch of information about bobby pins into one half now if you’ve been on Pinterest at all you know that the correct way to insert a bobby pin is not bumpy side up but bumpy side down the reason for that is in the little bumps will be against your head and cause enough friction to keep them in place this is especially good for those of you with finer thinner hair to keep your bobby pins in place and not sliding around throughout the day another trick that will help you guys and those of you with really silky hair is to use a spray of some kind.

I actually prefer texturizing spray but you could use a dry shampoo or a hair spray to spray your bobby pins this is going to cause them to be a little bit stickier and a little bit curvier so if you have really slippery hair something needs to be sticky to hold it in place and a great thing that makes sticky instead of your hair is a bobby pin so my favorite is a texturizing spray is the most sticky of all the sprays so I will just spritz a little bit of it onto a bobby pin pin it in place the bobby pin stays way way better also not all bobby pins are created equal Ottomans are not created equal people there are some of them that are amazing there are some other that are terrible and I can do more with one the bobby pin that I can do with 25 terrible bobby pins we’re Ariana bobby pins are amazing these come in a pack of like 700 for seven bucks so you really cannot go wrong with it you can get a Miss a ladies you can get them online they’re amazing and I would love with them but also if you’re at Sally’s you can pick up these Sally’s I think these the methyl group what these are amazing as well these do so much better than almost everything else that.

I tried from the drugstore I highly recommend them it makes all the difference in the world when you have a good bobby pin instead of a bad bobby pin and finally if you have thick hair jumbo bobby pins otherwise known as roller pins should be your best friend these things let me compare them to a normal bobby pin are ginormous they are so big so much thicker and longer than normal bobby pins and they do a lot more I can use one of these where I would normally use for normal Wahby pins and actually got a little test where I put all of my extensions that I had in my hair put it in a bun and I wanted to see how many of these I needed to use I only used about three or four to secure this giant bun to my head.

So I really really recommend these for those of you guys with thick hair you just need a little bit of extra power you need some extra muscle in your bobby pins so pick these up there’s so much better they work a lot better than the little dinky ones because you’ve got a lot of hair girl so try these out you can again get these in Sally’s but they also have jump rope or roller pins at just about any discount or drugstore that you might find number four you can use bobby pins to keep your ponytail from sagging so basically the whole idea is that you want to keep you or a hair scrunchie right it gets your head because that’s going to keep your ponytail as perky as possible a great way to do that is to use bobby pins to keep your scrunchie secure to your head the way that I like to do that is by securing it on top well actually do is grab one loop of the elastic and I’ll put the bobby pin through the elastic and then I’ll take the mouth of the bobby pin put that right between the scrunchie and my head and then push down so then it goes straight down between the scrunchie and the elastic and what that’s doing is securing the elastic to my head and the reason that I just grabbed one loop at a time instead of several is just because it works better the bobby pin has a better chance of holding one loop that it does holding all of this.

I usually do that with two bobby pins and between the two of them it holds that ponytail up and perky all day long so that’s how I like to do it this is the one that I use the most often it’s the most effective for me but I understand am I not be for everybody so here’s the second method basically all you have to do is flick your ponytail over your head with the flipped over your head take your bobby pins and push them down including all of the elastic or all of the loops of the elastic as you push down you should have this nice little lined of a bobby pin from the hair elastic get pointing down towards your knee and so then you’re going to do one more as well so you have two supports so you’re going to have one that goes straight down and then another one next to it that goes straight down and those two provide a little push up so I got push up bra for your ponytail so you’re just going to push it up and be like a little support structure from the bottom holding your ponytail up all day long and five this one might seem a little silly to you but I felt like the bobby pin one counted it is more than one hack in one so let’s just view this one is a little bit extra okay I have a huge hat where I love wearing hats.

I realized something recently very little changes that you make in your hairstyle when you’re wearing a hat make a big difference so I would like to show an example first of all we have the side part and the ears or the hair forward and we have one of my favorite hats I call this my Indiana Jones hat just because I feel like Indiana Jones in it okay so that’s one let’s just say you throw one side back behind your shoulder and tuck it back behind your ear it’s kind of a different look right I feel like it’s a different look it also pull it forward now this is not a flattering look on me but it might be flattering for some of you guys so I’ll share it son behind your ears have it forward again I feel a little bit more like Patrol stick them up partner kind of situation here yeah this is kind of what I feel like right now but it’s an option you could also do a central part introvert it’s probably my favorite and I find this looks different than the side part and finally throw it all back behind your head and leave the half forward different look again and that one might be more like a kaeleen thing than it everybody thing but I’ve got a good school when I realized so in case it made anybody else’s mind blow I thought I would share with you so that’s it for my five hair hacks I hope that you guys enjoyed this make sure you check out Rachel’s five beauty hacks and they check out the episode that I did on get ready with Rachel I hope that you guys really enjoy it and I will see you guys in the next post mom bye you.

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