5 EASY Hairstyles For Short-Medium Length Hair

If you wanna party standing in the crowd feeling heartbeat everybody’s carefree everybody’s everything but you wanna part standing in the crowd filling hardly did you wanna party you wanna party hey guys welcome back to e here’s blog my name is milena it’s been a while but, I am back for today’s post and I’m going to be showing you a couple of different spring hair styles all of these hairstyles are suitable for medium to short hair length. So if you have that and this post will be perfect for you if you guys want to see the hairstyle that, I came up with for this spring it then just keep on reading okay guys the first hairstyle is a messy bun and if you know me the Messier the better. So I’m just getting the placement leaving a lot of pieces out to frame my face, I think this just really enhances Lilith she’s my personal opinion but if you have a lot of face framing pieces leave them out gathering all of my hair to create a low ponytail make sure it’s not perfectly combed back you do want some movement and texture at the top of your head and then we’re just going to secure it in place with a clear elastic.

So that we don’t see anything but on the third time you pull your hair through you’re only going to be pulling it through halfway. I’ve been seeing a lot of girls feathering their hair like this lately it’s. So effortless and it requires minimal time but, I think it just looks really cool if you want to by sending in the questions in copy everybody’s bad for you.

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So but it’s gonna free which one of us for this next hairstyle it does require a little bit more time but, I promise you the end result is so worth it and splitting my hair in half and just putting away one section starting with one side I’m going to be doing a Dutch braid all the way down there will be a post link down below if you don’t know how to do a Dutch braid but it’s super easy and this hairstyle just looks beautiful with it once you reach the end secure with a clear elastic and we’re going to be doing the exact same thing on the opposite side absolutely gone crazy after securing your braids I’m just going through and pulling out some of it. So it looks a little bit thicker and Messier again this is up to your personal preference but, I like it to look just a little bit fuller once it’s filed the way you like I’m taking that braid and bringing it all the way to the other side and I’m flipping the ends underneath and securing it with some bobby pins behind the other braid.

So just take a couple bobby pins and pin it in place and then we’re going to do the exact same thing with the other braid. So go through and pull it out make sure it’s the thickness that you want bring it to the other side flip over the end. So that you don’t see it and pin it behind the braid play around with the top of your hair and the front framing pieces and that whew this third hairstyle is great if you feel like you just want a little bit more movement in your hair as you can see this is third day hair for me.

So it just was lacking a bit of volume. So I’m going through with my curling wand and just lightly touching up some curls I’m not doing my entire head I’m really just concentrating on the top section of my hair and going back and forth with my wave. So some pieces on going forward but definitely around my face, I always put the pieces away from my face but with everywhere else, I just go back and forth to make sure, I have length still in my hair, I always leave out the bottom inch of my hair just.

So that the curls don’t make my hair look shorter once you feel you have enough movement I’m just adding a dry texture spray and just really putting that in my hair and messing it up. So that it doesn’t look perfect and it kind of gives a more beachy look as you can see it just adds a nice sort of volume. So we’re just going to do the same thing on the other side this is a great way to polish your look if your curls have fallen out from the night before, I only stick to the top section of my head and it really does make such a difference with the volume and texture this next hairstyle is not necessarily a hairstyle but if you are growing out your hair and you have some roots or your hair’s just really greasy and no dry shampoo will fix that just pop on a hat honestly it fixes it.

So well if you have no time to style your hair if you just have a little bit of waves or even straight hair any hot will fix that and, I just think it gives such a cool edgy look especially this hat, I feel like it’s very on trend at the moment. So it really does bring the look together but it’s free everybody asked me did you want to push sending on the question link on our beat the last hairstyle is really pretty and feminine I’m bringing all of my hair into a low ponytail again leaving pieces out framing my face this is optional for you I’m taking an elastic and I’m doing a normal low ponytail but I’m going to flip it through the middle section. So that we have a nice twist surrounding the ponytail and pulling out pieces around the twist just.

So that it looks a little bit more romantic and soft and not. So structured you could totally leave it here because, I think it looks absolutely stunning but I’m going to add this really pretty silk floral scarf and I’m just twisting it all the way up and then bringing it under my head and tying it at the top of my head you can do it the opposite way if you want but this is just my preferred way of styling it I’m taking the end pieces and flipping them over the scarf. So that you don’t see it and, I just think this is a really cute and feminine way to incorporate something different into your looks um but gone crazy lately have a tune and a stage.

So that is it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed don’t forget to hashtag luxy hair if you recreate any of these pair files and I’ll see you guys in the next post bye click on the cross filling color paint everybody’s been for you every but it’s bad for you but you want to brush sending on the crafter link heartbeat you wanna party just wanna party .

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