5 Squirrel Hunting Tips for Serious Beginners

If you are looking for a great pastime for your idle weekends, it is time to savor some outdoor air with squirrel hunting. Yes, you probably haven’t read much about this sport because everyone talks about deer and wild hogs, but this is one of the most exciting hobbies you can ever pick.

Squirrels might look like your ordinary cuddly animals that can do no danger but you are in for a big surprise. A report by CBS News highlights how these furry critters are a menace to the society. Surprisingly, their introduction into cities was with good intentions according to a report on the Journal of American History .

Another report published in the Telegraph says squirrels are now a £20 million menace to homeowners in the UK. Surprisingly, insurers don’t cover squirrel infestation and it is no wonder squirrel hunting has become so popular. So, how do you become an expert in this sport? Here are some invaluable tips:

1. Learn Squirrel Species

Fox and gray squirrels are the most common and the perfect game to start your hunting expedition. The fox squirrel is available in the larger part of the country and it is slower than the grays. If you are looking for a challenge, the more agile and elusive fox squirrel gives you much thrill from the hunt.

2. Your Gear

If you are a beginner, you are in luck because unlike deer hunting, you just need a shot gun or a rifle. Well, these animals are small and very flexible and they are always on the move. A rifle might be better for larger game but if you want to gain experience in hunting elusive game, then start with the rifle. A 12 gauge shot gun or a .22 caliber rifle is perfect for squirrel hunting but it depends on your hunting grounds. Juvenile squirrel distress calls are also important to lure mature game into your sight.

3. Hunting Time and Place

Like humans, squirrels will go out depending on the weather. Early mornings and late afternoons are the perfect moments to hunt. During warm weather, you will always enjoy good hunting. For the location, make sure there is a nut tree around including walnut, berry bushes and hickory. Early season hunting is perfect because the animals are less wary of hunters and there are many of them around.

4. The Set Up

Before you start hunting, make sure you are well camouflaged. If you are walking, make sure the sun is not off the squirrel’s shoulder to avoid sweeping your shadow in the forest. The listening and waiting game is the most important of all squirrel hunting tips. You must be a sharp and patient listener and if you hear cuttings, then know you are in business. The best way to get your first kill is to sit patiently for some time if you have scouted for a perfect location. Still-hunting is highly recommended, especially for beginners.

5. Precision Shooting

It pays to take some shooting lessons before the season. The target is small and you really have to aim perfectly to make a head or shoulder shot.

It might not be as popular as deer hunting, but squirrel hunting is nevertheless a big step towards big game hunting. Start getting ready for action.

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