5 Strand – Pull Through Braid Hairstyle Effect Hairstyle

You okay. I have her hair pulled up halfway into a ponytail.

And I wrapped her ponytail to hide her last bit you’ll take her ponytail right here you’re going to split it in five equal sections okay. So it should look like this this is strand number one on the left two three four. And five okay.

5 Strand – Pull Through Braid Hairstyle Effect Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So what you’ll do is you take strand number one put it under strand number two over strand number three. And you’ll take strand number five one that’s further to the right put it under shell number four. And over strand number two she looked like this gonna take strand number two.

And gather in peace of here on her side there’s a little slice smooth it out you’re going to skip number one. And go to number two with that strength that you just pulled to the side you gather that. And what you’re going to do is take strand number one.

And bring it under both strand number two as well as that strand that is that you put together that you gather together right under the strand then over the next strand. And then you’re going to take the right strand you’re going to skip that you’re going to grab a slice of hair on the side make sure you smooth it out you want to put it together with the Strand number three. And you’re going to put it this strand right under strand number three.

And the strand that you just gather together right under it. And then under the Strand here the next one right there make sure that you pull them tight. And then you’re going to do it again you’re going to skip this one put this aside get it up gather a piece of hair.

And connect it with the second strand then you’re going to go back to that first strand this one. And go under that strand the second strand with the connecting strand under then over the next strand that was there. And it should look like this okay.

So again you don’t want to add any hair on the outside of this strand you just want to move it to the side. And add the strand a slice a hair on the side to this one here right here then bring that strand back. And then just do your normal five strand like going under.

And over the next one. And it’s just repeating the steps until you get down to the end, I am going to you can do it at the end but, I actually like to pull the outer strands as, I go down it’s just a lot easier. So just pull it easy missile pull it as far as you can or as far as you like to get that nice why it’s wide look yeah easy like that don’t forget to make sure then you hold your strands tight okay, I’ll do it again you take this to the side gather a slice bring it to the one that’s next to it go under.

And then Oh pull to pull tight again it’s always it’s always the second strand on the outer outer side is what you want to bring these outside strand together under let’s bring out the strands here you see that, I have her hair wet which is much easier to do then dry hair for me. So each time that you put the strands together pull these out. So that it’s a lot easier for you to do it then to do it at the end of your frames hmm.

And then you just continue all the way down to the end do one more just a secure secure it with an elastic band. And then just fix your wings as, I call them a little bit at the end let’s pull them out get them all set. And actually love to that cold the end.

So doesn’t look too straight scrunch it up a little bit a little earlier hair spray spray crunch it scrunch it up yeah do you have it thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial if you enjoyed it – give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below till next week bye guys.

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