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Hello friends, and welcome to another post. Today, I’m going to be buying the first five things from Instagram celebrities’ sponsored posts. So in the past, I’ve done posts on buying the first five things that social media platforms recommend to me based on their ad algorithm. Today, we’re not reviewing an algorithm, but I wanted to take on the products that use influencers on Instagram specifically to market themselves. Now, a quick preface.

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I don’t want to throw any shade at anyone who markets this way, or who makes sponsored posts. I’m mostly just curious to see what these products are like, because I’ve seen a lot of the same products in Instagram sponsored posts before, but I’ve never had the courage to try any of them. So today, we’re gonna be prowling around Instagram, and seeing what we can find. Let’s do it. So what I’ve deduced from some Instagram trolling, stalking, and researching, is that I tend to see these ads on the Instagrams of people who have built their followings through reality television. So I made this wheel to randomly choose from this pool of reality TV shows. So basically, I’m gonna spin this wheel, so it chooses a show, and from there, will pick one of the stars of that show, go to their Instagrams, and scroll until we find the first sponsored post and buy it. So, the shows we have are: Teen Mom, The Bachelor and all of its franchises, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives, including every location, The Jersey Shore, and models. Okay. Let’s spin the wheel of sponsorship. I’m hype. Oh! That was pretty good! Okay so our first category is Teen Mom. Okay, so for Teen Mom, the person that comes to mind immediately for me is Maci Bookout. She’s like my favourite out of all the Teen Mom girls. So let’s go to Maci’s page and see what sponsored post she has done most recently. Here we go.

macideshanebookout Her most recent post is actually just a cute photo with her and Caitlyn, who’s also from Teen Mom. But the post before that already looks promising. So the second to most recent post is for Flat Belly Tea. The holidays are right around the corner and I want to be sure my tummy is flat– not to mention the energy is gives me (amazing). Use code MACI for 20% off. #thankmelater. It seems to be a tea detox or cleanse. Which I’ve actually seen around Instagram a lot before. They seem to have a lot of photos of before and afters of people trying it. And I think what it’s supposed to do is just like reduce bloating. In your tummy area. So you’ve got like a nice flat stomach. I’m not sure if this one says it but I’ve also heard that they’re supposed to act like regulators. Almost like an Activia, like they’re good for like flushing out toxins. And they make you poop a lot. But that’s just what I’ve heard.

Okay so I’m gonna get a beginners pack 14 day Teatox. Maci got me a sweet $7.47 dollars off of this purchase so thanks Maci. So item one, check! This is the flat belly tea beginners’ pack. Shall we spin again? The Jersey Shore! So, I think that, to me at least, when I think of Jersey Shore I think almost immediately of Snooki. So let’s see what the Snooks is up to. The Snookums. Lil Snooks. Snooka Snooka. Aw, her son is so cute. She’s just working out. Looks like–oh..that looks hard. Oh, this looks promising. Tummy redemption time? Hell yes, @flattummyco.

So, it looks like another, if not teatox, then some kind of like shake that helps you stay slim. Or..maybe also poop a lot. I’m a little nervous to be doing like two like ‘flat tummy detoxes’ at the exact same time, so let’s see if we can find something a little bit different. Oh, okay! Here we go. Snooki says, Falsies? Wow, haven’t thought about those since I got my two-step lash elixir kit by @thequeenpegasus. My lashes are looking long AF, magical AF, and badass AF after only just a few weeks! So, get #pegafied at thequeenpegasus.com I was like on board until #pegafied. From what I can tell, it looks like they just have like two mascara-looking wands and you just apply it like mascara for 30 days and then you’ll never need falsies again. Alright, so let’s get this. I think that’s all there is to it. So, once it gets here we’ll start putting them on and see if I can truly get pegafied. Okay, so on to spin number 3. Oh, yeah! The Bachelor! The Bachelor and its many spin-offs may not have created a lot of long-lasting marriages, but they’ve created many Instagram celebrities. So, looking at the last couple of bachelors and bachelorettes, Jojo Fletcher, the bachelorette from two cycles ago, does seem to do some of these sponsored posts.

So, let’s check her out. Her most recent was like a cute selfie and then her third most recent post is this post with BombayHair. Holy carp! Jojo.. This 32mm rose gold curling wand is $130 I hadn’t set like a strict price limit for this post, but it feels like $100 is a good place to stop. So, uh–let’s see if Jojo has anything slightly more reasonably priced. Uh-huh, okay so here’s another sponsored post. @Fabfitfun getting me extra excited for scarf and beanie season. So many goodies in the Fall box, swipe through to see some of my favorite ones. So basically what this is, is it’s like a lifestyle box I’m pretty sure. It’s not just makeup or just hair or just clothes. I think they like curate a bunch of different things for you and put it in a box every season. So, let’s get a box and see how it is. Oh, okay great. Jojo did give me $10 off. That’s legit.

So I’m gonna finish checking out and then we’ll spin again. Teen Mom: Part 2. So, thinking of a second Teen Mom star, the first one that comes to mind is Kailyn Lowry. She’s from Teen Mom 2, but I think it counts. So, her first sponsored post is her second post which is a Lullbed. It looks like the Lullbeds go for about $850, which is a little out of my price range for this post. So, let’s see what else we’ve got going on in Kailyn’s page, shall we? So, she’s got the queen Pegasus elixir that Snooki had, a baby car seat cover that I could buy, but I don’t have a car seat for it to cover, and also another tea detox. But the one after that, I think that we could do for sure. This one is for ‘Heywhitesmile,’ so it’s like a teeth whitener thing. Use Kail at checkout to save 50% off your kit today! Okay, so it looks like on their website they have a few different kits, but this seems like the right type of kit. It’s a ‘Heywhitesmile whitening kit (1 person kit)’ for $25. Maybe by the end of this, I’m going to be like..lashes to the heavens, pooping really well, with really white teeth. You know? Alright, so let’s complete this order and get us a Heywhitesmile whitening kit. And that is item #4.

Okay, so we’re down to our final spin. So, let’s give it a whirl, shall we? Oh, yes! ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is our final category. First, I wanted to try mama Kris Jenner, but all she had that I could find was another Queen Pegasus lash elixir ad, so I turned to Khloe. Alright, looks like she’s promo-ing the show but if I scroll back just a little bit I do see what looks like a very classic Sugar Bear Hair ad. Yes, I am still in love with @sugarbearhair! Love how my hair looks and feels. These amazing hair vitamins are delicious! To me, SugarBearHair is like the meme Instagram ad product just because I’ve seen so many ads for it, and I’ve never tried it. So, let’s get them and see if the vitamins do anything to my hair. Okay, so I’m gonna buy 30 days worth of SugarBearHair. And so with that, I think that we have our five Instagram celebrity recommended products. So, some of these products have like longer try-outs associated with them, so we’re definitely gonna try these products over a period of time. But the next time you see me, I’ll have my haul. And we’ll see how and if these things work. Alright, so this is what I’ve got so far. So, I’m gonna start trying out all of these items tonight and use them for the designated amount of time, and in the end we’ll do a review of everything we’ve got, including the FabFitFun box. So, it’s been about two months since I posted the first part of this post, and I’m finally here with my haul, and some opinions. So, let’s start with this one.

The FabFitFun box. Ta-da! Okay, so it looks like they’ve given me some sort of newsletter. Oh, it looks like Ayesha Curry is on the front and it says, she wants to get in your kitchen. Well, Ayesha, that’s very forward of you. Alright, so let’s see what’s inside. It’s been so long since I paid for this thing, that it almost feels like it’s free. But, of course, it is not free. So, the thing right on top is this silver necklace. Honestly, I think it’s a pretty cute necklace. It reminds me a lot of that other choker I got all the way back in the day when we did that Facebook ad haul. TYLER: I do not remember. SAFIYA: I remember. – Apparently, FabFitFun remembers. Alright, so next up is this ‘deep sleep pillow spray’. It says it’s got: lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile. Oh! I like that.

Here, I’ll whaft some to you. – Oh! Smells good. – That does smell good, actually. We’ve also got like a bunch of skin care products. This ‘Ahava DeadSea Mineral Hand Cream’, this ‘ExfoliKate Exfoliating Treatment’ from Kate Somerville, that Tyler actually has used before and really likes. – It’s Tyler approved. As well as these golden under-eyes masks from Grace & Stella. They also sent me a nude eyeshadow palette by Doucce. Do-say, Deuces. We also got these aloe-infused festive fuzzy socks, as well as this mug from Ayesha Curry. Alright, so I think I just have one thing left. It is supposed to be a poncho. Are ponchos back? I’m lost. Where am I going? Is this it? There’s like a notch here. This is not a poncho, this is a shawl. You know who would like this? My grandma.

I think that I am going to pack this back up and give it to her. Okay, so that was my FabFitFun box. It’s pretty expensive for a box, though there seem to be pretty high priced items in there. The things that I’m most excited about are the necklace, the mug, and the pillow spray. The socks are definitely going to Tyler. – They look like something I’m going to take from you, I gotta be honest. And I think that the ‘not-poncho’ is going to my grandmother. But overall, I feel like it was a fun box. Alright, let’s move on to the other items. So, next up are the SugarBearHair vitamins. So, this one I actually had to try for 30 days and it’s generally supposed like help your hair grow, I think, like longer, stronger, healthier, all of that good jazz. Oh! It smells strong. Did you ever have those Disney princess fruit snacks? – It smells exactly like those. – They smell like Shark Bites. They’re a little melted, I wonder what happened. They all look a little bit like that, from what I can tell.

– Yeah. – But let’s pop ‘em in, right? At first, the gummies were way too sweet for me, but over the course of the month I grew to like them a little bit more. They taste like lemon drops. But, that said, I’m not sure exactly what they did. It’s definitely not like..Rapunzel level, but it’s getting pretty long. – It’s very easy to placebo. It’s kind of like taking any vitamin, it’s hard to say like if my bones feel stronger, or my blood feels more iron-y. It’s kind of small, hard to tell, differences. I don’t think I’m gonna repurchase these, but if you wanted to try it out, it’s probably pretty similar to taking other biotin and folic acid vitamins. And these gummies were pretty fun to eat. So, next up is this HeyWhiteSmile teeth whitening kit. So basically, inside of here they give you a pair of tooth trays and then a few syringes full of whitening fluid. And then also this light. (maniacal laughter) And basically, you like self-administer the whitening fluid into the tray.

– Oh! Oh sht. There is no diagram as to how this is supposed to go. Pop it in. And you do it for like six days straight. So, before I did this, my teeth looked like this. – I think I’m a 4. You think I’m a 4? – Yeah, that’s about right. And after five days of doing it, my teeth look like this. – Am I a 3 or a 2, now? – I think it definitely could be like a 2. There’s no question to me, my teeth were genuinely whiter. There was, and kind of still is, a small stain on this tooth right here. There’s that little stain I’m talking about. I’m not exactly sure how that would have come from this, but it did appear very suddenly. Which makes me think that I messed up somehow, or didn’t do it right. Which brings me to my main complaint. Which is just that I need more detailed instructions.

I would say that I feel like I need supervision. Why is anyone letting me do this by myself? Especially given the seemingly medical-gradeness of it all. It felt like I just didn’t know what I was doing. I was whitening in the dark. – What are you doing? You’re gonna choke on that thing. (Tyler chuckles) – No, Saf, no. You just shine ‘em onto your teeth. – Yeah, like that. So, I would either try a different company just with more instructions, or just stick to Crest white strips and give myself more time to whiten. Alright, so next up is the Queen Pegasus lash elixir. So, this product was another 30-day try The way it works is you put a base nutrition layer on the base of your lashes And then you use this crystal coat on your lashes themselves to help nourish the lashes as well. – Oh. – Oh.. This is supposed to be a ‘liquid crystal potion.’ – What the hell does that mean? I’m just gonna apply this like mascara, basically.

So, when I started the treatment, my lashes looked like this. These are my ‘before’ lashes. And this is how they look now. And these are my lashes 30 days later. My lashes don’t look so night-and-day different that you’d think I was wearing fake lashes, but there may be some difference in like thickness or length, there might be a little more lush, lusty.. Pegafied. I do have a couple of issues with this product, though. My biggest issue is that when you’re putting it on your lashes every single night, a little bit gets in your eye. WARNING: Avoid contact with eye. – Yeah, you’d better go wash that out. I often found myself, after applying, not being able to see Like I felt like some of it was kind of sneaking onto my eyeball, almost like a post or something on my eye. But besides that, I didn’t really have any complaints. It’s pretty easy to use. But I don’t think the differences, to me, are worth the hassle. So, I don’t think that I’m gonna keep using this.

So, my next and final product is the ‘Flat Belly Tea’ teatox. So this product was a 14-day cleanse with 14 morning tea bags and 7 night tea bags. And in general, it’s supposed to help with healthy weight loss, but you read the packets, it basically says it works like a laxative. This blend will most likely induce a laxative effect. – Okay! Which was true, but thankfully wasn’t explosive. – Are you allowed to eat other food with this stuff? – Yeah, you just drink this tea also. Oh, it’s sweet! Oh. What?! That was a big surprise. Sorry, I’m having a hard time looking into the camera after those lash things. I would say that, overall, I actually really liked this teatox. – Oh, it’s kinda minty. I will say that I think the tea tastes really good, and I also liked kind of having a ritual. Like, I liked drinking my tea in the morning, drinking it at night, taking the time. I don’t think that this is a miracle weight-loss product. On their website, there was a focus on before and after results, so these were my measurements before the teatox, and these were my measurements after the teatox. So, my measurements actually increased.

I blame that on Thanksgiving, though, because that fell like right in the middle of the detox. I feel like I would buy this tea again. – Do you miss it already? I do kinda miss it already, I like the taste of the tea a lot. I wouldn’t recommend it as like a weight-loss product, but you know.. if you’re constipated it could help. Alright, so that was my Instagram celebrity-sponsored post haul. Overall, I’d say the products were kind of ‘hit-or-miss’. I think my favorite things were the FabFitFun box and the Flat Belly Tea tox. The other products weren’t terrible, I just feel like they didn’t work for me for one reason or another. That said, though, I did have a fun time trying out products that I feel like I’ve seen so many times before. So, I’m glad that I did this either way. I did get a very nice mug and I am also not constipated. Not that I was before, but I’m definitely not now. Thank you guys so much for reading, if you liked that post make sure to sha-mash that LIKE button, and if you wanna see more posts like this, make sure to sha-mash that comment button. A big shout out to Katy for reading.

Thanks for reading, Katy. And I will see you guys a-next time!.

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