7 Days of Heatless Hairstyles

Hey veryone Kayleigh here and today I have some heatless hairstyles for you guys I’ve actually got seven of them one for each day of the week so you have your entire week of hairstyles planned out and you won’t have to use any heat let’s go ahead and get into it first of all if you see my hair curled at all in this video I used the method that I just did in my heatless curls tutorial so you can check that out if you want some more details you obviously don’t have to curl your hair for any of these looks I just wanted to give you a heatless option in case you wanted to so now let’s get started with Monday which is just a nice braided top knot that you could do on second day hair so I’m going to start by taking a small section of hair right next to my hairline.

I’m going to split it into three and I’m going to start French braiding just the hair on top of my head to get a really nice detailed looking braid i recommend actually taking very small pieces of hair every time you braid it in and that makes the braid look a lot more detailed and a lot more intricate but it’s not a lot more work so go ahead and braid the entire top of your head and then rate a couple of times normally and then secure it with a bobby pin and now you’re ready to pull everything into just a nice high ponytail on top of your head and secure that with an elastic then take all that bobby pin and we can create the button you can do whatever kind of bun you want here I’m going to backcomb with my fingers to add some volume and texture to my hair and then I’m just going to twist it really loosely and wrap it into a button this way.

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I get a nice voluminous top knot without having to use a donut or anything else I just find it really fast and easy so then I just pin it a couple of times and we’re done I feel like this is the perfect Monday morning hairstyle because you can do it quickly you can do it easily and it will disguise dirty hair really really well and now for Tuesday’s half updo you’re going to start by taking a section of hair right next to your face and letting a couple of pieces for you just to frame your face if you have any bangs you could leave those out as well then.

I’m going to split the hair into two and begin doing a rope braid this you do just by twisting your hair and one direction and wrapping it in the other to create this roped look so I’m going to do that all the way down my hair and then I’m going to start massaging the braid just to kind of fluff it out a little bit make it look a little cooler I’m also grabbing it by the end and kind of pulling it up and that gives it a cool kind of bubbly look and to secure that with a bobby pin on that right into the same thing on the other side so I’m doing the rope braid all the way down my hair I’m going to massage the braid I’m going to pull it up so that it gets that cool little bubbly look and pin it and then these two sections are ready to go to the back of your hair where you can secure it with an elastic to finish it off I’m actually going to flip the tail in towards my head this creates a little bit of a Topsy tail and it helps to hide the elastic so I’m just flipping it twice and then kind of loosening up the hair around the elastic and that will be it for this half updo this is a great example of a hairstyle that will look good on any texture whether your hair is straight or curly.

I think it will look really good and will come together really quickly as well and now for Wednesday we just have a simple bubble ponytail you’re going to start by putting your hair into a ponytail I love some hair around my face and then secure it with an elastic and then I loosened my hair up a little bit so it looked more voluminous next year disband wrap a small piece of hair around the elastic that part is optional so you can skip it if that seems a little advanced or just takes too much time and then put another elastic in just a couple inches down your ponytail now to create the bubble look what I’m going to do is grab a small piece of hair from the inside of my ponytail and then just hiked up the elastic so that it creates this bubbled look you can kind of use your finger to expand it a little bit too and make it more bubbly if you want what’s the level looks the way you want it to you can go ahead and wrap another piece of hair around the elastic and pin that in place pinning up and into the bubble so the bobby pin hides really easily and finally.

I just backcomb the end of my ponytail a little bit to add some volume so the volume of the end of my ponytail would match the volume of the bubble and once that was done this hairstyle is complete now you could do this with more bubbles if you like that look better I just thought it was kind of cool and unique just having the one and it’s really easy and quick to put together Thursday is one of my go-to looks I love just a nice easy shenyang and it’s going to put my hair into a very low ponytail secure it with an elastic and then on the very last loop when I’m pulling my hair through I’m only going to pull it through part of the way to create the little loop of the chignon and you can make this as small or as large as you want it to be now you can either leave the ends where they are or you can wrap them around your elastic if they’re long enough that’s totally up to you you could even leave a couple is out I think the Messier this looks the more chic it is so once you have it wrapped it that’s what you chose to do just secure it with a couple of bobby pins and that is it for this hairstyle it’s very easy very quick and you can do this on the go without a mirror which.

I love for Friday it’s a little bit more of kind of an edgy look that you could take day to night you’re going to start by brushing your hair straight back and then take a section of hair from kind of the arches of your eyebrows back you’re basically just taking the top section of your hair and what you’re going to do with that is to create a knot and the way I did that was to take two fingers put that underneath the hair and then turn those fingers in a full circle and that creates a loop then you just grab the ends of your hair with those two fingers and pull it through and you’ve created a knot but basically if you’re just making a simple knot so do that however it works for you whatever is easiest for you finish the knot off by loosening it up a little bit and then pinning it in place then we’re going to make another knot by taking your hair from kind of your eyeballs up section that off and then grab the tail of the knot that we just made and put that in with your section and now we’re going to make another knot so what you’re going to do is put your fingers under again turn them in a full circle grab the tail of your hair and pull it through the loop and we have another knot again you’re going to loosen this one up and pin it multiple times to hold it in place.

I found that two to three bobby pins really worked for me but you can definitely do more if you need finally we’re going to take one more section of hair from kind of your ears up section that off grab the tail of the last thought that we made make another knot and pin it in place so basically if you can tie your shoe I think you can do this hairstyle because you’re just tying knots and pinning them in place and it looks pretty freakin cool if I do say so myself I really like it I think it’s awesome and especially great way to get your hair out of your face but still have it look really cool for Saturday we’re going to rock a pull-through ponytail what you’re going to do first is make a ponytail really high up and then you can secure it with an elastic and wrap a little bit of hair around the band if you want to and then we’re going to create a pull-through braid we’re going to do that first by splitting your hair in half and moving that top half out of the way step one is to apply a clear elastic just a couple of inches down the bottom half of your ponytail so go ahead and do that step two is to go ahead and open the hair up right over that elastic so you have a little hole and step three is to pull the hair from the top half through that hole finally step four is just to pull apart the hair that we just put into the elastic so that it looks nice and fluffy and bubbly then.

You’re just going to move that out of the way and start back over at step one which is to do your elastic just a couple of inches down again step two is to open up the hair step three is to pull that top section through and step four is to fluff it out and then you just continue that all the way down your ponytail it’s actually really easy especially once you get the hang of it because you’re just adding in elastics and pulling your hair through which is why it’s called a pull-through braid and you can make even really fine hair look really voluminous with this braid which I love once you have no more hair left to pull through you can just go ahead and stop with your last step for and that is it for this pull-through braid I love how this looks I think this would really work well on a Saturday whether it’s a chill day or if you’re going out for Sunday.

I decided to keep things simple and sweet you’re just going to start with your hair parted on the side and then grab a section near your face split that into three and begin braiding you’re going to braid under the middle section so that you can create kind of a d look to your braid and then once your braid is started you’re going to start adding in hair just like you would in a French braid so pick up a little bit of hair and braid it in and then do the same thing on the other side pick up a little hair and write it in and I only rated in hair about two or three times on each side so it’s nice and quick you don’t have to do a really long Dutch braid.

I also left out some hair over my ear just because I felt like that was a little bit more flattering then once the Dutch braid was done I went ahead and took a break and started massaging each piece of the braid to make sure that it looked as big statement II as possible and you can see that it was able to fluff out quite a bit then I decided to break it a couple more inches and then I went to fluff the braid out again just by massaging it and finally I’m going to pin this in place by moving the top section of my hair out of the way and pinning my braid underneath it that way you won’t be able to see any of the bobby pins that we’re using right here it hides really nicely and you just have this nice easy statement braid this is also a really easy way to get your bangs out of your face if you want to or if your bangs are an awkward length and you’re growing them out it’s great for that and that’s it for my week of heatless hairstyles I hope that you guys enjoyed these and I hope that you try them out if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss a video and I will see you in my next one wha hi you.

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