7 Days of Ponytails

Hey everyone, Kayley here, and today we have a week of ponytails. These are all simple, quick, and, the weekday hair styles can be done on wet hair. I love the variety of these, and I think these are super fun to mix into your routine, whether you use all seven, or just a couple. So let’s start with Monday. You’re gonna start by making a circle around the crown of your head; that’s going to be our first little section of hair, and then you’re just going to put that into an elastic like you’re making a half up do. Then if you want, you can wrap some hair around the elastic, but if you’re in a hurry, you can totally skip that step; it is Monday, after all. Now make sure you wrap all the hair around the band instead of cheating like I did, because you can see that I pinned it in place, and then when I pulled this back down, you could still see the end, which I had to go fix later; hair stylist fail. Anyway, then you’re just gonna pull everything else into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and secure it with an elastic. Then, loosen up the hair just between the two elastics, to make it a little bit more like a bubble, almost.

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And finally, I’m wrapping some more hair around this elastic, and this time, I’m doing it right, I’m wrapping all of the hair around, and then I’m putting the end right against my head, and that made it a lot easier, and I didn’t have to go back and fix anything. And that is it for our Monday hair style. It’s really easy, ’cause it’s just two ponytails put together, and it’s gonna save you time on Monday morning because it’s super quick. And now we’re on to Tuesday, and this could be a great third day hair. You’re just gonna brush your hair into a high ponytail, and brushing all of your hair straight back, and then secure it with an elastic. I would use two elastics if you have extra thick or extra long hair. Then, I’m gonna loosen up the hair around my hairline, because you don’t want to pull on that hair at all, because it can cause that to thin out, which, obviously, we don’t want. And then you’re just gonna braid the ponytail; that’s it. Braid all the way down and then loosen up the braid a little bit, to make it a little bit bigger, just by massaging each little piece of the braid, as you’ve seen me do a thousand times, in my tutorials.

Then secure the end with an elastic, and you’re all done. Honestly, I don’t usually wear my hair pulled straight back like this, but I really like this hairstyle, mostly because it makes me feel so sassy. I basically feel like Beyonce. And now we’re on to the third hairstyle. You’re gonna start by taking two large pieces of hair from the front; you’re gonna take one from one side of your part, and one from the other. And then we’re gonna pull those back as if you’re doing a half up do. Once everything is secured with an elastic, you’re going to make a topsy tail by flipping your ponytail in towards your head, and you see, that makes a little twist. I actually flipped it twice, to create kind of an extra twisted look, and then I loosened up the twist with my fingers, just really quickly, it only takes a couple seconds, but it makes it look a lot better that way. Then you’re gonna do that again, so take another large section of hair, from the front, on one side, and one from the other side, and then pull them back again as if you’re creating a second half up do. And you can go ahead and secure that with an elastic.

Then we’re gonna make another topsy tail, so flip your ponytail in towards your head. You can do that once, or twice like I did, and then loosen up the twist just a little bit with your fingers. Finally, we’re gonna repeat these steps one more time by taking two sections on the outside of the hair, bring them together, secure them with an elastic, and then flip them and twist them, and then loosen them up again. So that’s basically just three topsy tails put together to make one ponytail, and I think that it looks really cool and intricate, and like you did way more work than you actually did. This would also look really, really great on wet hair, so if you’re running behind, you could always pull this out and try it. And now we’re on to Thursday, which I really love. You’re gonna start by separating a large section of hair from one side, and leave that out. Put everything else into a ponytail. If you have finer, or thinner hair, I recommend leaving a large section out, because this is going to become the twist later, and you want to make sure it’s a nice, full twist. So you’re gonna take that hair that we left out, and you’re going to twist it away from your face. And you wanna twist it kind of going back toward that ponytail.

Once you’ve got a good couple inches twisted, go ahead and take it back, and drape it over your ponytail. Then, pull gently on small pieces of the twist to loosen it up and make it look a tiny bit more voluminous. And then, if you need to, you can twist just a little bit more, because we want to wrap this twist around the bottom of the ponytail. So I’m just gonna wrap a little tiny bit more, and then I’m going to wrap it around until it reaches the bottom of my ponytail. And to secure that in place, I’m just going to use a little tiny jaw clip. So I’m flipping my ponytail up so you guys can see, I’m just gonna put this little clip in here to hold the twist in place, and that’s it. If you want, you can also pin the twist against your head, if you’re afraid that it might fall during the day, especially if you have thicker hair, that’s probably a good thing to do.

And that’s it; I love this hairstyle, ’cause it’s so feminine, and so pretty, but also very easy. And on to Friday; for this one, you’re just gonna take a section of hair from right near your hairline, and you’re gonna start braiding that. We’re gonna create a French braid here, so just braid a couple times to get your braid started, and then we’re gonna start adding in hair. So just pick up some hair that’s kind of in the Mohawk section of your head, add that into the hair that you’re braiding, and braid it over. Then do the same thing on the other side. So you basically wanna stay between your temples as you braid back; you don’t wanna go any lower than that. That way, you kind of keep this Mohawk ish braid going without having to section it all, because sectioning’s kind of a pain. So just keep French braiding until you reach where you want your ponytail to be, and then, go ahead and braid a couple of times normally, just so your braid doesn’t unravel. Go ahead and clip the braid off, and then start massaging each little piece of the braid, again, to get that extra volume going. This will also get you some extra volume in your hairstyle, not just the braid, which is awesome. And then you can see I’m kind of like, pulling my fingers to the front, to make sure that it’s poofing up nicely. And I’m also gonna make sure all the hair in the back, even the normal braid, has been voluminized too, all that I can get. And then we’re ready to pull everything into the ponytail.

Then secure everything into your elastic, and take the clip out of the end of your braid and allow that to unravel. Finally, if you want, you can finish off by wrapping some hair around your elastic, and pinning that in place. Once that’s done, this hairstyle is complete. This might be my favorite ponytail of all of them, just because it’s so fun, and it has a braid, but it’s also unique. And now it’s time for Saturday, and I liked the curls in this ponytail, so I just wanted to show you how I did them. I really just put my hair into a ponytail on top of my head. Then I curled all my hair in the same direction. I actually did this before I filmed any of the ponytails, so all the ponytails you see had this curling method. I chose it because it takes only five minutes, and it creates really pretty waves and curls once you take the elastic out. See, I love them. Then for the ponytail, I’m gonna start by separating my hair in half, and I’m gonna put that top half into a ponytail first. Then I’m gonna loosen up the crown section so that it looks like it has a little bit extra volume. I’m gonna flip that ponytail up, and then I’m gonna make a second ponytail right underneath it. Doing this will help your hair look more lifted in the back, but it will also help you keep more volume at your crown, which is awesome. I’m then going to add a little tiny claw clip into the bottom ponytail, and then I’m going to add one into the top ponytail as well. This helps to make each ponytail kind of fatter at the base, so it makes your ponytails look much more massive.

You’re gonna wrap a piece of hair around both ponytails so it looks like it’s just one massive ponytail, and look, you’ve got this amazing, voluminous ponytail that you can wear with a little black dress, and you will look awesome on Saturday. (lively pop music) And then, I decided to finish off with this nice little knotted ponytail. So you’re gonna start by taking two large sections from the front; basically all of your hair in front of your ears on either side, and you’re gonna pull this to the back and make a half knot, as if you’re just starting to tie your shoe, even. Then, pull it a little tighter if you need to, and stick a bobby pin through it to hold it in place. You can stick another one too, if you need. Then, take the ends of that knot and pull them around underneath the rest of your hair. If you need to, you can move the rest of your hair out of the way, and you’re just going to secure those with a little elastic. I actually learned this from thebeautydepartment.com, and they said to use a little, tiny claw clip, so you could use that too, if you wanted to.

Then take two sections of hair from the kind of ponytail that we have going on now, bring them back and tie another half knot. This time, you don’t really have to use bobby pins if you don’t want to. Go ahead and pull it as tight as you want to, then bring the ends around the back, and again, secure them with a tiny hair elastic. I really prefer the elastics because I think that they hold a lot better than jaw clips would, but if you’re more comfortable with clips, use those. Then again, I’m taking two more sections, and I’m going to tie another half knot, and then, of course, pull the ends around to the back. Basically, you’re just gonna keep repeating the half knot until you’ve reached the end of your hair. For me, I think I ended up doing three or four knots, but you might only get two or three, it would still look really good; don’t worry about it. So this is my last knot, I’m just doing this over my shoulder, because my arms literally could not reach any farther, and I’m securing it with an elastic. Then I’m just going to very gently kind of massage and loosen things up to make it a little bit more natural looking, and that is it. I think it’s a really pretty hairstyle for like brunch, or church, or whatever your plans are for Sunday. And that is it for the ponytails. Obviously, you can wear them in any order you want, on any day you want; I hope that you love them, and I’ll see you in my next post. Mwah, bye.

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