The 8 Best Stretching Exercises for Better Flexibility

FINDING FLEXIBILITY As a 45-year-old runner and weightlifter, I’ve prided myself on keeping fit and active, taking care of myself inside and out and inspiring my daughters, eight and 19, to keep fit and take care of themselves, too. After suffering a few minor injuries and taking a break from weights, I thought I’d try your ‘Flexibility Sequence’. I was shocked at how inflexible I was! A yoga mat is now by the side of my bed and I aim to stretch daily and increase my flexibility.

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Thanks for highlighting a problem I didn’t know I had!

FIGHTING FIT Thank you for your recent article ‘Fuel your workouts’. Earlier this summer, I took up boxing as I have a really stressful job and wanted to add some high-octane exercise into my week. Up until now, my main fitness activities have been restorative yoga and gentle swimming, and with both you’re advised not to eat beforehand, so it was great to learn about the importance of fuelling up before working out.

I hadn’t realised you need specific fuel for the different aspects of boxing training, but your advice has made all the difference.

SPORT FOR ALL I get H&F magazine most months. As a fitness instructor of 24 years and sports coach within schools, I always find there are ideas and inspiration for my classes, but also to help me keep my motivation up. This month, though, I have to disagree with one of the articles ‘Play Hard’ (October issue). The article quotes how many women don’t play sport and how 40 per cent admit to having not been in a team for 20 years! The author states this is ‘alarming’. But not everyone enjoys team sports. I always teach my students that there is an activity for everyone. It’s about being active, not about being part of a team.

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