8 Top Messy Updos For Short Hair

The Hair Awards have helped me get into the public and be recognised for my work, whilst proving that hard work and determination pay off.

Not too long and not too short a choppy cut carries elements of a close shave pixie and taper length.

The Eighties was the last time we saw bunched up curls. This time round they’re wilder and can take on a shape of their own.

Undercuts and shaved sides have had a good run, now it’s time to introduce shaved patterns to the fold. Historical outlines are a frontrunner too.

You might not do a carbon copy of this avant-garde braid sculpture, but the point is plaits with shape and a bit of height are the new modern.

8 Top Messy Updos For Short Hair Photo Gallery

1. Curled Chignon:

2. Swirl:

3. Punk Quiff:

4. Half Up Hairdo:

5. Mini Fishtail:

6. Pixie Puff:

7. Faux Hawk:

8. Voluminous Bun With Bangs:

9. Braided Updo:

10. Modern Bouffant:

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