9 WEIGHT LOSS HACKS That Will Help You Lose Weight

Hey guys so for today’s post we are going to be doing a weight loss hacks post so I’m really excited for this. Because I actually have some really good weight loss hacks, and tips to share with you guys that will actually work so these aren’t just weight loss hacks that are like fun, and cue these will actually work these will really help you get started on your weight loss journey especially. Because I know it’s really hard to start off, and you don’t know kind of where to start. I find that doing these little things first it’s just like dipping your toe in the water so I’m here to share with you a bunch of weight loss hacks that have worked for me, and that helped me still every single day today today’s post is in partnership with audible I’m so excited to bring another post with them for you guys. Because I absolutely love audible they’re actually one of my weight loss hacks, and tips too so I’m very big on always telling you guys to educate yourself when it comes to weight loss there’s so many myths out there. I can’t even begin to explain so many like myths, and lies about weight loss. So I think it’s really important if you’re gonna start on a weight loss journey don’t starve yourself don’t do all these little fad diets just sit down learn about the body learn about weight loss, and then you can execute it’s just knowledge is power, and that’s the best way so what.

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I love about audible is you’re able to gain knowledge especially about weight loss that’s what. I mainly have been using it for lately but now I’m currently reading a cardio sucks by Michael Matthews. I absolutely love it so far just really by the way. I mean. I know the title is kind of like man it doesn’t actually mean that cardio sucks it’s good for certain things but it’s just another great book that really helps you learn about the body the metabolism, and working out whether you’re into you know fiction or just reading about weight loss like I’m recommending there’s so many different books. I guarantee you’re gonna find something that you love, and you’re just gonna be able to have fun with it. So I love that about audible you get to just listen to the book instead of actually reading it I’m pretty busy, and I’m sure a lot of you guys are so having the convenience of being able to listen to the book as opposed to reading it is really awesome so now that it’s summer time. I actually love listening to my audible books on my walks. I love taking daily walks especially with sugar boy, and I’m always listening to my audiobooks on them or if you guys go for runs or any outdoor summer activities audible is a great way to kind of add on, and enhance your summer activities so if any of you guys are interested in getting your first audiobook free which is amazing, and a free 30-day trial then make sure you head to audible.com slash ami meseta my MHC II do or if you’re a u.s. listener you can just text a my ma see II do 500 500.

I will also leave my other book recommendation in the description box down below so don’t forget if you guys are interested you can get your free audiobook, and your free 30-day trial if you just head to audible.com slash Amy Macedo or for us listeners you guys can just text my MA CED Oh 500 500 so other than that being one of my definite first kind of hacks, and tips let’s go ahead, and get into some other weight loss hacks, and tips that will definitely help you guys so let’s get started with the first hack so this one is so important you guys portion control is really important when it comes to weight loss and I love using measuring cups any single time I’m going to be putting something on my plate like rice or cheese you’ll see in the next clip. So I keep half a cups quarter cups, and a full cup. I just like this because you don’t have to bring out this scale. I mean it can be kind of annoying sometimes to take out kitchen scales, and weigh everything so at least like this you already know you’re having half a cup of rice, and that’s it you know how much calories it is you don’t got to think about it much it’s just super easy but you can still keep your portions in control and I love it for cheese as well because it’s very easy to pile on the cheese, and pile on the calories so a quarter cup of cheese hundred calories, and you can just use the scoops so when it comes to peanut butter or any sort of spreads it can be really hard to keep your portion control in control what.

I like to do is use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon so if you look at this peanut butter if you look at the serving size it’s a hundred calories for one tablespoon so if you go ahead, and you just take a tablespoon, and you look at how much you pile it on it’s a lot then if you use a teaspoon instead, and you take a good amount, and then if you go ahead, and weigh it you’ll see that you actually have more than a serving size so more than 100 calories in the actual tablespoon so instead of using a big spoon just take a teaspoon you guys will see that I’m weighing it here so I’m weighing how much we put on the tablespoon to see if it equals the 100 calories serving size, and bam what do you know it almost doubled the serving size so instead of a hundred calories like you thought you were getting you’re actually cut having 200 calories but if you use the TSP like. I said, and you weigh it here you’ll see it ends up being a serving size which is 100 calories so don’t use a tablespoon like most spreads suggest use a teaspoon it helps with kind of controlling your portions so my next tip is every time you go to the grocery store check the back check the new trip Nutrition Facts of everything you buy to search for the least calorie item you know the best macros this is you know just regular mayonnaise, and then you can see the Hellmann’s half the fat mayonnaise is 40 calories instead of a hundred calories so even just little things like this you guys I’m telling you it will really affect you know your body weight, and how much you lose or gain, and as you can see this bread is 50 calories per slice if you go look at other breads in the grocery store there’s breads that are 150 calories per slice.

So if you eat two pieces that can easily equal 300 whereas this equals 100 for two so just checking some something as simple as that really does help so my next tip you guys actually saw this stir-fry in my what. I eat in a day so if you want to see this meal click the right hand corner you’ll be able to see it but my next tip is to incorporate veggies, and meals that you can sneak it in so what. I mean by that is sneak it into stir Fry’s burritos your eggs in the morning smoothies make it into pasta sauces you can easily sneak in the veggies, and they taste delicious. So I know I’m talking about calories a lot in this post you guys but the truth is calories matter, and if you consume too much you do gain weight so it’s important to kind of watch your portions so the next hack is to swap out the avocado oil or just really any oil that’s like drizzling from a bottle, and swap it out for spray oil so you know normally what would you do just drizzle the oil, and you don’t realize you’re actually consuming 300 calories BAM right there it’s just such a waste of calories whereas if you just went ahead, and took some spray oil sprayed it for maybe two three seconds BAM 20 calories done you already saved 300 so here is some sour cream, and what. I love to do is mix water into things so I’ve added a little bit of water into the sour cream you guys, and you end up making more without having more calories if that makes sense you’re making more out of it, and if you leave it overnight it does thicken up again, and you really don’t taste that you added water to it. I also add water to like sauces sometimes just to like lessen the calories but make the sauce more. So I love cheese and I love cheese slices I’ll have like breakfast sandwiches or burgers my favorite thing to do is to cut the slice in half an entire slice of cheese of 90 calories or 80, and then half of it is 40 so just doing something as simple as this BAM you’re cutting it in half so this is my little trick you guys know me. I love junk food. I gotta admit it and I love chocolate I’m a huge chocolate bar fan before. I would just eat multiple multiple full sized chocolate bars, and there’s just too much calories obviously so what. I love is to buy mini sized chocolate bars. Because I get to just have one at the end of the night, and it satisfies the my little sweet tooth my craving but what. I love about it too is it’s individually packaged. So I feel like I’m opening up a full chocolate bar you know Namine and I just get that experience for you know 60 calories as opposed to a full-size one that’s 220 calories pretty much this hack is all about buying your favorite snacks but mini sized so that you can actually have way less calories so this Smarties cone is definitely mini it fits into the palm of your hand so my next hack is to pick up some ice cream that is way lower in calories this entire pinch of ice cream is 360 calories compared to Ben, and Jerry’s which is almost 1100 so that is amazing Plus this one has extra protein in it so bomb.com if you ask me, and Breyers also does offer a lower calorie ice cream so hopefully you guys enjoy these little weight-loss hacks thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you in the next post.

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