A baby’s Rooting

A baby’s Rooting

Sucking is instinctive in the newborn and if you touch your baby’s cheek she should turn towards the side you touched, in a movement known as the rooting reflex, and begin to suck.

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So things are actually neutral, but our mind gives coloring to them?

Modern physicists would also say that color and all those things we experience are not intrinsic ro the things themselves. The colors we experience are due to light from an object hitting our retinas so that our nerves convey a message to our brain and that is interpreted as a particular color. The color you see depends upon you, your nervous condition, and your psychophysical condition in rhar given situation. These things are not intrinsic properties of objects. beauty are saying similar things. We do not see things as they are; we see things in ways that are unconsciously constructed. We are conditioned and reconditioned, over and over. We can be so conditioned just in one lifetime. If we believe in reincarnation, what about the last thousand lifetimes? We have been trotting along, seeing things in a more and more distorted sense for thousands of lifetimes, but that distortion does not lie in the things themselves, it lies in the way we construct them.

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